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Thread: 20-0 Arena Dino Deck

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    20-0 Arena Dino Deck

    Here is my Dino deck I just went 20-0 with. Truthfully I got lucky with the run but it's still a fun deck. I need to try running with Carnasarus's equipment instead of Pack Raptor's to see if it plays better or not.

    23 x Wild Shards
    4 x Howling Braves
    4 x Pack Raptor w Raptor Boots and The Calling Blade
    4 x Moon'ariu Sensei w Manual of Martial Techniques
    4 x Succulent Roostasaur
    4 x Carnasaurus
    4 x Wreckasaurus
    2 x Crocosaur
    1 x Smashodon
    4 x Savage Lord w Feed Handler's Gloves
    2 x Sight of the Sun

    2 x Feral Domination
    1 x Eye of Creation
    1 x Alchemy Lab

    Edit: Champion I used was Warmaster Fuzzuko
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    I'm short one sight, but I can fix that.
    Why the smashodon over another crocosaur, or maybe a Dino Might?

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    Oh I only had 2 Crocosaurs so I put in the Smashodon that I had EA'd. I'm sure there are some tweaks that can be done to the deck to optimize it a bit more. I had a Dino Might in at one point but didn't like it cause it went unplayed in my hand too much.
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    Gotcha, thanks for the feedback!
    I'll try this out later with 3 Crocosaurs.

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