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Thread: PvE Mono Diamond - Perfect Arena run deck.

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    PvE Mono Diamond - Perfect Arena run deck.

    Current Price for this deck is about 1500-2000 Platinum.

    What I like about this deck - Even it is a bit slow it can do the job nicely. Every troops in this deck are strong in its own way and can combo with each other perfectly. It strong in both defensive and offensive against AI.

    Noticeable cards are

    -Slaughtergear's Guardian - Cheapest in Slaughtergear's PvE set but he is really good in this deck. He is 4/5 spellshield + vigilance that can drop in turn 3 and very hard to remove.
    - Deathless Guardian - quality 2 drop for diamond. She can help your troops survive against any burn deck in arena.
    - Chimera Guard Fallen + Deepgaze Disciple - Easily 7/4 flying. Really nice just against everything.
    - Blessing of Unicorns - somehow bot never learn what invincible can do in this game. They will block trade and try to destroy this troop no matter what but it is not working and this is rarely a death card because I put 35 troops in this deck.
    - Martyr - just in case of emergency or use to buff your troops.

    Champion: Knightsbane Ovo

    3x Brightmoon Brave
    4x Spiritbound Spy
    3x Valiant Escort
    4x Deathless Guardian
    4x Chimera Guard Fallen
    4x Deadeye Slicer - Swift Slicer
    2x Deepgaze Champion
    1x Ethereal Caller - Ethereal Headwrap
    3x Blessing of Unicorns
    3x Deepgaze Disciple
    4x Slaughtergear's Guardians - Guardian Greaves + Slaughtergear's Electric Gauntlet

    2x Martyr

    23x Diamond Shard

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    I tried this out - the problem I found is that it's not consistent.

    If you don't have three shards AND at least a couple 1-2 drops in your hand, the arena agro decks run all over you.
    Conversely, if you can't set up your board with the right troops, the slower decks will gain ground eventually.

    I did have one perfect tier, so maybe it's just my bad luck.

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    Mana problem is very rare for me. Anyway, if you have mana problem try add 1 more Diamond Shard to the deck.

    This deck does lack of 2-drop. I use only 4 Deathless Guardian because others are expensive. Maybe you can try adding Highlands Shinobi, Kraken Guard Mariner,or Living Totem.

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    That's a good call - I'll try some different things out.
    All in all, it's a fun one to play; I probably just need more practice

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