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Thread: Xentoth's Lab - 20/20 Arena Utilizing PvE card - Alchemy Lab - to the fullest!

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    Xentoth's Lab - 20/20 Arena Utilizing PvE card - Alchemy Lab - to the fullest!

    Here is the build, already a clean and flawless 15/15 perfect. First play-through.

    Why, How, What?
    So the idea is fairly simple
    Use cheap troops and troop recursion to make alchemy lab ridiculously strong.
    The best combos of this deck comes in 3 flavors:

    Flavor 1: Xentoth's Inquisitor with Damage to opposing Champion on entering play.
    Bunoshi this boy when he comes into play, but more important alchemy lab this fool while he is in your hand, gg bro, he don't need no defense.

    Flavor 2: Monsuun and Alchemy Lab w/e the hell you want to Alchemy Lab - for example - fertile Engorger, the Lethals she makes, Royal Falconeer, or his fliers. Do as you damn well please.

    Flavor 3: Play patiently, drawing with Pact, and removing with Fissuresmith/Wakzashi and Extinction, then blast off late game with Xentoth recursion.

    Have fun! and get those labs!

    Some of the cards in this deck are not cheap - but if you got em', power this bad-boy up and blast some Arena Champs into the void with a +22/-19 Xentoth's Inquisitor!

    For those interested you can find all my ABT's here, and arena stomp decks. I'll use this space to bump with whatever I am brewing for PvE as well. Enjoy and bump this if you can:
    The Sharp Compendium:
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    This is a fantastic deck, lots of fun.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pariahzkope View Post
    This is a fantastic deck, lots of fun.
    Wow, you played that quickly!
    I built this live on my stream the day the AoM patch launched. Was just holding it back for a while.

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    It works very well.

    Now if I could just get my Archmage Syzygy escalation decks working the same way, lol!

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