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Thread: Stormcoat GIVEAWAY!

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    I was inspired by peoples' stories of how much blood, sweat, and tears have gone into acquiring a Stormcoat. I have one to give away. All it's going to cost you is your blood, literally! A pint of blood to be precise!

    The rules are pretty simple - send me proof (to giveaway AT that you've donated a pint of blood (or whatever the measure is in your country) between now and Sunday. I'll have Ne0 draw a winner on his HEXTCG stream on Monday (August 10th). One entry per person.

    Grand Prize: 1 Stormcoat
    Everyone who participates (verified blood donation): 5 AoM packs

    Do a good deed. Get rewarded!

    NOTE: Please, please, please block out any particularly sensitive personal information in any proof you send me. I'll also take photos of you with a needle sticking out of your arm and a filled bag of blood! And I'll good image search just to make sure there are no stock photos... :P
    For those who cant give blood, anything else would do? Donation to some kinda blood related charity if such a thing exists?

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    Welp, now i wish i had taking pictures recently. Again it is then!

    I like this one Colin, good idea

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    Good on ya Colin. Like a few others, I'm unable to donate, but, best of luck to the participants!
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    Great idea, Colin! This is something I can get behind!
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    I donated at GenCon but don't have any paperwork; can I take a picture of the needlemark in my arm?

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    I can't I have another option? :-p

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    Having someone donate on your behalf seems a possible way to go for anyone who can't donate personally.
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    Ah, I wish I could. MN doesn't allow people with active allergies to donate, in case they actually have an illness instead.

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    Yeah, this is a genuinely wonderful premise for a giveaway - and Colin's premises have been inventive! - but I think between the pregnant, the malaria-risking, the gay/bi males and the expatriate British (EDIT: And the Minnesotan allergic), a number of us are situationally/physiologically excluded from the terms, and for 'behalf,' most of the people I know well enough to ask such a thing... share my deferral condition. Are there reasonable alternatives? Food pantry donations in excess of $10, perhaps?
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    That is a very cool idea IMO. I was reading through and some of you can't donate blood, I understand that this is a bit frustrating for you, but honestly, this is something bigger that helps people to live and I think that is a new and improved version of doing a giveaway like that.

    So even that some might not be able to participate, think of all the people who will and that this is helping to save lifes, I like it a lot

    Plus as a funny sidenote, Colin was everyday at GenCon and is not even back yet, already organizing the next giveaway Was a pleasure to meet you and thank you for doing this!
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