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Thread: Convocation Event With Bonus Roll Bug - Updated

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    Quote Originally Posted by Voormas View Post
    That's not a bad sentiment, but how would they implement that at GenCon itself? We are getting these things as a bonus because CZE wanna be cool and do right by the players who can't make it to the event (like Australians for example ) but the focus is always going to be on how to make it a great experience for attendees first and foremost

    Speaking of, I know a few people who went that were bummed out they couldn't spend as much time as they wanted playing Hex (GenCon has more than one thing? who knew ) so having the event sleeves be a random drop kinda screwed them in that regard - this bummed me out too because they were gonna try and get me one as well
    Well GenCon isn't that close to Germany either, but at least we have Gamescom here
    I guess they could just hand out the PVE stuff to everybody who visits them at GenCon and than only have their visitors play to earn the sleeves/AA cards/whatever.
    The idea would be to have the PVE stuff be steadily available to everybody, so that everybody gets to play with them and you could still buy the stuff at a reasonable price in some years.

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    Either way, this is a nightmare if you are in Hex's shoes. Con season is so strenuous, that it is hard to make good policy decisions during that time.

    Personally I am a bit mad that the Stormcoat is so rare - a limited time PvE item doesn't seem to fit the bill for the spirit and frankly, but not getting the key Stormcoat it feels a bit like all the other cards are a bit invalidated in their use. I absolutely hated to have grinded to get 5 Convo packs, only to open them to 4x Slippers in a row, plus one of the rare items.

    A better rarity Scheme:

    Uncommon PvE card(s) (that you can play 4 of)
    Rare PvE card(s)
    Rare items
    Legendary PvE cards (that you don't necessarily play - possibly Unique)
    Legendary items (at affordable drop rates, like 1 in 20 packs max).

    At 4:2:1 a loot table could like like this:

    1-4 Uncommon card #1
    5-8 Uncommon card #2
    9-12 Uncommon card #3
    13-14 Rare card #1
    15-16 Rare item #1
    17-18 Rare item #2
    19 Legendary card #1
    20 Legendary item #1

    This of course would make Legendary card #1 the chase card...

    I am sure HexEnt will learn their lesson from this and make up for it next time.
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    I personally love exclusive cards and mercs and such for pve. It's been a part of HEX since its inception. Loved it when I first saw it and love it now. If the stuff isn't rare then we just have a bunch of worthless junk, which is a far worse problem IMO

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    Quote Originally Posted by israel.kendall View Post
    I personally love exclusive cards and mercs and such for pve. It's been a part of HEX since its inception. Loved it when I first saw it and love it now. If the stuff isn't rare then we just have a bunch of worthless junk, which is a far worse problem IMO
    I guess in the end you need both
    Limiting PVE cards might only feel as bad as it does right now because full PVE isn't in yet.
    Once there are hundreds of PVE cards dropping from actually playing PVE some exclusive PVE cards won't be a problem anymore I'd guess.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wolzarg View Post
    This probably has major problems as well but i would like to see either the drops being a bit to much more rare but when you get something its a set. You get cloud king? then you get 4x cloud king and both equips. You got storm of the century then you get 4 of that stormcoat and the gloves.
    This. The Uruunaz card rewards where you get 4x + equip is clearly the gold standard for how PvE rewards for cards should work.
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    Some unexpected news to start the day!
    Thanks, devs.

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    Well its been a pretty up and down week but it seemed to have ended with HXE making the best decision.
    Thanks to all the crew involved, it must have been a hell of a week for you.
    And also, for all the upset and disagreeing views, the community has been a lot better than 99% of gaming communities, so after a tough week its good to see that we can all (in the most part) be civil with one and other.

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    I was looking forward to the event running again, but I think you guys are ultimately right that calculating the bonus rolls is the fairer way to do it, especially since some folks paid out a lot for the ultra-rare cards.

    I do think that future Convocations should have a lot less RNG involved to get the rewards if they are not purely cosmetic.
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    Quote Originally Posted by chromus View Post
    Thanks HXE. I knew you guys would come to the right decision after properly digesting the community feedback. I think you've also learned not to rush such big & potentially controversial announcements (re-making of one-time events).
    As for future "timed" events, here is my feedback:

    - Offering rewards in form of randomized Packs is completely awesome! Most TCG players like the random element Boosters provide and that thrill as you crack one open is hard to replace. Primal packs were ingenious as you practically didn't lose on value (as opposed to normal Boosters which value-conscious players cannot crack due to their better usage in Limited play) and Convocation packs work the same way.

    - Making 2 different types of Packs works well for the participation vs win model that is in place for PvP tournaments. Adjusting their drop rates in PvE to match each Booster's generation rate from PvP is fair (example: Participation Pack should drop 8 times more than Win Pack if we take 8-man queues as the default PvP tournament mode).

    - Putting exclusive functional items (Mercs, PvE cards, Equipment) in the event packs result in player stress rather than player enjoyment as many feel pressured to obtain these items in the short time-frame offered or forever be locked out of game content. It does not matter that the Perfect Storm PvE deck that's in 2015 Convo packs is not powerful or a must-have for PvE - and the argument that "you can always trade for them" does not sit well with the people who want to earn them (which are not so few as you might have noticed). In the case of Mercs, this is even worse as you are putting functional consumables that WILL go extinct that one may not even be able to earn during the short period , while completely locking out many of the future players out of this game content. While this might be OK in other games, I strongly feel it should be avoided in a TRADING Card Game.

    - Only putting non-functional cosmetic rewards such as Sleeves and AAs (and in the future Keep gear, playmats, champion/merc skins, Guild tabards, etc) in the event packs is the best way forward. You've seen by now how much people love and value their AAs and Sleeves and can guess how much they will love your future cosmetic innovations. There's no need to provide functional items for the community to be super-psyched about participating in - heck, even grinding the crap out of - these timed events.

    - Putting some items that are truly legendary in rarity (Stormcoat rarity-level or even more rare) is great! But again, they must be non-functional (=not Stormcoat).

    - Some have suggested putting in a ticket system where you can accumulate your earned tickets and trade them in for whatever rewards you actually want. I feel the randomized Pack system is much better but there might be a way to satisfy the "earner" crowd by including these perhaps Bind on Account tickets within the Packs with which they can complete the last pieces of their AA playsets/Sleeves/etc by trading with a Store NPC only available for the duration of the event (--> extra points for the MMO feel).

    - I truly appreciate your generosity to give F2P a chance to earn rewards and also satisfy the hardcore PvE crowd by making the Arena drop event loot. However, the rate at which rewards are earned in PvE must not exceed the rate they're earned through PvP (which is what might have happened this time). No one should be upset that the maximum rewards are attained by paying customers as this does not cut into your profits. We want these events to be financially beneficial to you so you can keep churning out content and features faster and faster...

    - Fun idea: Event Leaderboard. Who killed the most Arena bosses? Who won the most Draft/Constructed 8-mans? Who was the master of the Sealed Gauntlet? Who was the Pack Crack addict (who cracked open the most event packs)? DataDragon loves to hoard his data but would be great to have the stats on the Top (10? 100?) event-participants. Maybe even some cosmetic rewards for the top of the top?

    Last but not least, keep up the good work. The Convocation event was a huge success despite the bumps. Props to the whole team for working extra hard during this busy stretch (Set 3 release --> Release events --> GenCon --> Gamescom).

    I don't post often, but I just wanted to say I whole-heartedly agree with chromus here, and think the devs should take a second look at his feedback if they haven't already. I only managed to score a few convocation packs with the small amount of time that I could devote to playing Hex during the days of convocation, and I really feel bad about missing out on things like mercenaries, even though I have no idea how they will change by the time they are rolled out in the game. Same goes for pve stuff, though not to the same extent.

    Though I ultimately agree with the policy of not allowing one-time content to come out again, I really hate seeing the Hex devs going back on their decision to hold it again. I have to say, deep down, I was really excited at the prospect of getting another chance to get more convocation packs, and was disappointed to hear it will be cancelled. I can imagine the news may have caused people to do things they might have not done otherwise, like open convocation packs they intended to sell or give to friends/twitch followers, or put their own convocation rewards up for auction, etc.

    So I wondered if there might be a way to make everyone happy? While not a perfect idea (and I have no idea if it's even feasible from a developer perspective) what if Hex still went ahead with a second round to earn convocation packs/rewards, but made everything that dropped during the second period account bound? All the packs (and rewards from them) that dropped the first time would be unaffected, so if you already have what you get in round 2 you can always sell the old stuff. This would also make everyone who spent money on gear like the raincoat secure with the knowledge they could sell the old one if they get another during round 2. As for any duplicate equipment or cards in excess of a playset that you get in round 2, you can always break it down into crafting materials when that functionality gets added in later.

    I fully expect to be told why this is still bad for the economy, but I think this has the best potential to limit the damage, since it won't introduce anything for sale that wasn't earned the first time. Some will still say it's a bad idea to do a second chance at convocation packs, but at the same time, I feel bad for the people who had their hopes dashed when the idea was canned not long after it was announced. I know the devs are in a tough situation at the moment, and a lot of the community is upset over this, so I just wanted to throw in my 2 cents and see what others think. Fully prepared to be convinced otherwise, but I think this method has potential to make a lot of people happy.

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    I just read the changed decision, and want to applaud hex for making it. There is never a perfect answer to stuff like this but this is a good answer. One of the hardest thing for any one (or company) to do is change their mind on something (this can be seen in these forums a lot ;p) so it's nice to see they are able to keep an open mind and do what is best.

    I just want to reiterate one last time I hope it is decided in the future that no further content (PVP or PVE) will be gated behind a limited time event.

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