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Thread: Convocation Event With Bonus Roll Bug - Updated

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    Convocation Event With Bonus Roll Bug - Updated

    Original post preserved at the end of this post

    Hi everyone,

    First off, we want to apologize for the way we handled the Convocation event. While we hope you can see that our intent is always to do the right thing for the players, sometimes we stumble on the executions. Second, we want to apologize for the way we handled feedback about the event.

    Here is where we are:

    Most if not all of the people that are making the decision for holiday events have read the 100+ pages with your feedback. We will take the concerns in that thread to heart and will try to do better next time.

    We had a number of meetings about the following two questions internally:

    What can we do to improve the subsequent Holiday and Convocation Celebrations? Rest assured that we will continue to review the feedback and will have more discussions for how to fix the underlying concerns for the players. Since we need more time to discuss this question, at this time we can't go into specific details for how future events will change. However we will certainly do a follow up analysis of the event, likely in a future Friday update.

    What can we do to fix the event that ended today and how did we arrive to where we are now?

    Here is the series of events that led us to where we are:

    1. We had an arena bonus loot drop bug that prevented players from receiving additional loot in the arena following the defeat of bosses. While we weren't happy with this bug, we decided that delaying the launch of set 3 would be worse. As a result we shipped set 3 with this bug.
    2. The online event coincided with the live Convocation event and as a result our resources and group decision-making processes were significantly affected by being out of office. As a result we were slow to identify the Convocation event issues and quickly formulate solutions.
    3. Getting back to the office on Tuesday and reading through the feedback still took us a while to identify issues and as a result the earliest we felt comfortable acting was on Thursday. Decisions like this aren't easy and acting on them quickly is even harder when not all stakeholders are quite back at the office.
    4. By Thursday morning we made a decision to just run the promotion for an additional time. In retrospect this was not a good decision. With Cory out of office we were missing one of the key stakeholders in the decision and someone who continuously advocates for the value of player's collections to the rest of the team. As a result we are re-evaluating our decision.

    Here is what we'd like to do:

    We realize that players made decisions based on our promise to have Convocation items be limited to the promotion period. On further discussion, we realized that breaking that trust is the worst possible solution of the solutions at our disposal. We believe that the most fair thing to do in this situation is three fold and we sincerely hope that players understand that our intentions were good and we only temporarily strayed from the correct course of action.

    1. We would like to grant players convocation packs from bonus loot rolls in the arena based on their activity during the promotion event only. We expect to be able to fulfill the bonus loot roll pack grant by the end of next week.

    Example: Chark defeated 30 tier one bosses, 18 tier two bosses, 16 tier three bosses and 12 tier four bosses. We will calculate how many bonus loot roll Chark should have gotten. We will then calculate how many of those bonus loot rolls should have resulted in a 2013/14 Convocation pack and in a 2015 Convocation pack.

    2. We will cancel the previously announced makeup event. It's clear that this is not the right thing to do.
    3. We will take a hard look at how this program is structured and at a later Friday update revisit the program and how it may change, or at the very least provide reasoning for the parts that may not change.

    We know that this decision probably won't sit well with everyone and for that we apologize. However we believe that this is closest thing we can do to make things right.

    In particular we want to apologize to those who made purchasing decisions based on the information that there would be no more items dropped into the game. We realize that with the fix there will be more items in the game, but we believe that this will certainly be less of an impact on prices than running the promotion at a later date.

    We feel lucky to have a community that is not afraid to provide frank feedback. We sincerely thank you for continually working together with us to make HEX great.


    Original Post

    Hi HEXers. As many have noted, the current chance at an extra bonus loot roll in Arena is currently bugged and not occurring. This feature is supposed to increase your chance at an extra loot chest as you progress through the Frost Ring Arena. Due to the absence of this feature during the Convocation event and the missed opportunity to receive Convocation packs with that additional roll, we will be running the Convocation event again in the future. We will announce dates after we have fixed this bug.
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    Holy shit.

    Arright... uh.... As someone who has very mixed feelings, positive and negative, about the event, I do not... know initially how to react to this, so here's some screaming rat noises.


    That said, thanks for the second shot. Let's use it.

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    I enjoyed it the first time around. Not really sure I want a round 2.

    Also not really happy that I can no longer trust Hex when they say "This is limited time and will never appear again". I made a trade based on what I thought was a good deal considering that at the end of the event, that was it. Never had the chance to see them again. It turns out now that never see them again means until the next event a couple of days/weeks later.

    This will undoubtedly come back to bite me in the ass at some point in the future.

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    Thanks Shaq. This is pretty awesome. I hope this does not create additional angst by players that may have spent money/plat/trade to acquire cards they otherwise did not have, as the value of these cards are now definitely in question.

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    oh thank you! I got majorly sick the last 2 days and could barely play!

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    Wish this announcement was 18 hours earlier so I could have saved 20k plat.

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    so you repeat it completely over all platforms or just for arena?
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    Quote Originally Posted by WWKnight View Post
    Also not really happy that I can no longer trust Hex when they say "This is limited time and will never appear again".
    There's an specific situation here where players lost an opportunity to receive items due to a bug. If that bug did not exist, the event would have ended today and not returned. The goal here is to make good with players who would have received their items. While we sympathize that you made a transaction with the idea that the event ended today, we feel we must do right by the players who lost opportunities to earn the packs due to this bug.

    Quote Originally Posted by Saeijou View Post
    so you repeat it completely over all platforms or just for arena?
    All platforms.

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