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Thread: GenCon (+video), becoming Exalted, General words and a giveaway!

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    GenCon (+video), becoming Exalted, General words and a giveaway!

    Hello fellow Hexers!

    I am not the most active ones on the forums, just checking things and I don't post here very often. Anyway, I wanted to lose a few words due to the recent GenCon and everything that has happened so far

    Only a few of you know how I got into HEX (this is the blablabla part ;D) - I actually got to HEX by "accidant". Had a friend of mine at my place and he mentioned the HEX kickstarter, just by the bare fact that it made the req. $300k in one day (he is absolutely no TCG player) and I read about it. I was interested to see what brings people to back a game in a day with a requirement not less than $300.000. I needed roughly 10 minutes to understand why. You could really feel that the team behind this game is in LOVE with it.

    By now I met nearly everyone out of the team and it is true. Of course we are not equipped with Pink-Paradise-Glasses and know that not everything runs smooth all the time. But there is one thing we can ALWAYS rely on: The passion that HEXEnt and Gameforge gets into this game.

    If you would ask me 2 years before if I would ever get that deep into the game, meet the HEX team, do an internship at Gameforge or become a big streamer in this game... I think I would have had to answer no to any of these questions. Besides from WoW back in the days no game really hooked me into it. For HEX it is different. Even when I am not motivated sometimes to play ANYTHING (yes, these times exist!) - I still can go for a draft in HEX. There is ONE simple reason: The people I get to talk to and to play with.

    I mentioned it a billion times on my streams and other places, but I gotta say it again: I am PROUD to be part in this community. Even after all the growth we've gone through, people are still amazing as they were in the beginning (usually, bigger communities = more trolls, more toxicity). The game has to grow more, this game definitely deserves more players for what it has to offer.

    Ok. That was the boring blabla part, let's get to more Blabla but more interesting stuff ;D


    First off I want to thank Cryptozoic for getting me to GenCon and n64overclocked one of my twitch moderators for giving me a place to stay. Without you it would not have been possible for me to do this.

    I had a BLAST being at GenCon, I totally lost my voice because I talked so much with all the people that were there. I was most of my time at the HEX booth and most of THAT time I only talked to people and recorded videos or took photos It was an awesome time and thank you everyone that showed up!

    A lot of stuff happened during the past week and I will never forget that time, I hope I can manage to get there again! And if you are coming to Gamescom on Sunday you will be able to find me at the public HEX booth from 12:00PM till 3:00PM german time!

    Becoming Exalted

    Well, that is a big thing. This is the biggest award I achieved in my life and I still can not really realize it. At first I was recording it because I didn't expect it and when it happened I didn't realise Cory was pointing at me and just said my name. I am very very happy about it. I want to mention though, there are CLEARLY other people who would have had deserved it as much as I did. CZE really had to make a very hard choice there.

    But this isn't all on my shoulders. Without those of you who support me, watch my stream and have fun with me every day, you guys are the ones that made this possible. A big big thank you to you guys (God, will I ever stop to say thank you!?). I really want to mention this, if it wasn't for you guys, I would not be where I am now. I am looking forward to let it grow further and MAYBE when I am done with my studies I have the opportunity to become a full time streamer. ciroLOVE to everyone of you!

    I will post the link here including the AMAZING art once there is a link to post.

    GenCon video + Giveaway

    Now to the really interesting part! (Most of you will have scrolled down here anyway when you have seen this wall of text ) I did a little video again, nothing too serious like HEX - The Passion from last time. I planned something a bit bigger but I ran out of time to do the things I wanted to do before I realized it is already Sunday and GenCon is over. However, I did something and I am very happy with the result, I didn't expect that it would end up with that final product. I hope you will have as much fun watching it as I had creating it (besides from the video is only like 6 minutes and took me that long in hours to create haha).

    The video title, super creative Kappa, is "HEX: Shards of Fate at GenCon 2015". As said before, the video is roughly 6 minutes long and should give you some impression of how it was at the HEX area at GenCon, I can REALLY recommend going there if you were never there.

    Here is the link:

    Wait, wasn't I talking about a giveaway? YES! - I will giveaway 3x AA Buccaneer Sleeves (1 per winner) between everyone that has commented on the youtube video. Just give me some feedback, would you wanna go to GenCon to see HEX after the video, were you at GenCon and had fun or whatever comes to your mind Note: Winners will be drawn on Sunday, 16th of August.

    I will also be live on my twitch stream today ( at around 3PM GMT (that is roughly 3 hours from the creation time of this post) and I will tell you many stories from GenCon, show pictures and I captured some funny videos that I won't upload anywhere (I have my reasons ;D).

    That is all for now that I wanted to say. Enjoy the video and see you ingame or on twitch, stay as amazing as you are!

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    Thanks for sharing the video Cirouss, I feel like I really have to get there somehow next year - looks like you guys had a great time
    Also congratulations on rising to Exalted, you earned it.

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    Congrats, wish i was there to see all that seemed fun. Hex is the best

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    Congrats, It is well deserved !
    btw , isn't it your second vanity card ?
    It think I remember you told use ,during a stream, the blam sack was your vanity card ? or may be it wasn't you, the streamer, in the sack

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    Congratulations Cirouss. I have to start watching your streams again even if it's only in on the 2nd screen while doing other stuff.

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    Thank you for the awesome video and everything you do for the community. Your AA art is amazing too--congrats!

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    Thank you everyone! <3 Also glad you enjoy the video I can't wait to get my hands on my own card and those sleeves xD
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    Congrats Cirouss for this accomplishment! Count on me to watch your video once I come back home from work

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    Congratz cirouss!
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