On my workplace computer i often got unity error and client crash at the end of an arena fight. Like once \ 10 fights. It's something like when the memory is full and cannot load a new texture anymore. It's always happen at the end of the fight, sometimes before the victory screen, very rarely after that. It's coming together with texture problems. I have a big collection of the error dumps in the HEX library, sometimes i delete them.

However, a few days ago i don't get unity error anymore, i getting windows error from now. It's coming in various forms, for example:

The exception unknown software exception (0xc0000094) occured in the application at location: 0x76142f58.

It's a Fujitsu-Siemens computer, with i5 CPU, 4GB RAM, with an Ati Radeon 4650, 32-bit windows 7. Hex running in windowed mode, 1440*900.

Tell me if i can help to debug, this errors are here months ago, always coming after a few arena fight. There is clearly something in the hardware \ software environment what the HEX can't handle. Maybe the VGA, but i can't help on that, it's a bit old, and there is no new driver for that since 2013.

I don't have any problem with large amount of other softwares, World of Warcraft, XCOM, and other games included.