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Thread: Hero of Adamanth champion

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    AI frozen (hero of adamath) after playig town Crier and drawing but before discarding

    Your Display Name: Rhodry

    Bug Description: AI stuck after playing Town Crier

    Steps to Reproduce: ?? Note : The AI was Hero of Adamath, the town Crier had 1 equipment (Crier's handbell) and he was the only human which means the AI ended up drawing only 1 card but having to discard 2. At that timethe AI did have enough card in it's hand to discard 2 (after drawing total of 6 cards)

    Frequency: only seen it once so far ... same circumstance never seemed to create a bug before army of Myth.

    Additional Information: Bug happend in arena, last tier. around 5:50 PM Pdt
    I tried to quit the client and restart (twice) each time I did get the join the macth clicked confirm and joined again but it did not help unfreeze the AI.
    I did try to spam spacebar , F5 , F8 , F10 with no success.

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    Confirming. AI Hero of Adamanth played Town Crier, drew his cards, but refused to discard. That makes this enemy an auto loss if you run into him in arena and he draws his Crier.

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    Hero of Adamanth champion

    In the Arena playing against Hero of Adamanth the AI played Town Crier and the game stopped, frozen, would not proceed. I exited game and came back in and resumed the game, but alas it was still stuck in the same spot. I did file a ticket.

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    Because I was in tier 4 and value 5 cents more than my life, I waited for the time out to see how this one falls.

    If you wait, you win, for those suffering this specific lockup. Close/minimize the client and do something else if the outcome matters to you.

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    Also confirmed. Just happened to me. Didn't discard. Had to lose the game by conceding. Tried a connection restart but that didn't fix it.

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    Can also confirm. You can win if you wait, how long? Mine and AIs timer doesn't move after i reconnected.

    Edit: The auto win timer is ~30 minutes
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    Yep just happened to me as well. Vs Hero of Adamanth Town Crier was played with Highland Magus, Royal Den Mother and Phoenix Guard Messenger in play on his side. He drew his cards and then locked up.

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    Hero of Adamanth just played Town Crier as first creature, drew a card and the game frozes.
    Nothing helps...
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    I can also confirm this.

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    Just a side note : a similar issue just happened to me versus Princess Cory:

    She transformed one of her card in a shrewd manipulation (as a reminder the text is: "Choose and discard 2 cards: Ready or Exhaust target troop or artifact") => The conculsion to me seems to be that the AI loves her card so much that she cannot decide which to "choose" to discard when faced which such a choice...

    MAkes me wonder if we could reproduce the freeze by playing a Giant Corpse Fly with no equipment. Will test right away

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