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Thread: Thank you for making me feel like a second-class backer

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    Thank you for making me feel like a second-class backer

    So Paypal backers never received the same attention like Kickstarter backers. No wonder i felt uninformed and neglected over the past. Its hard to keep up with all the information which Kickstarter backers always got in their mailbox. This ultimately led to wrong ingame decisions e.g. wasting platinum or misguided trading. I m sure i m not the only one.

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    The hell are you talking about? What sort of information do kickstarters get that everyone in the world can't just get by looking at the front page of HEX?

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    I don't get anything in my mailbox and I have 3 tiers. I think maybe you got some bad info.
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    erhm -
    1) they have a newsletter sign-up on the main-page - you can signup for it at anytime, and its been an option for a long while.
    2) Friday updates have been live and continued to be live every single gdmn week. On the KS page, on the mainpage, through the newsletter
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    I believe this is what you are looking for:

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    The kickstarter updates I (still) get every week in my inbox are just the same exact updates they post on their website every week. Usually it's just a paragraph saying "look, thing happened this week! Here's a link to the article" and a link to the article on the website frontpage. THe email even goes out at the same time the front page updates.

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    I am a paypal backer, never got any update emails, and I am one of the most knowledgeable people you can find in the game.

    Just because you didn't get automatic emails doesn't mean you got neglected. The information was always available to everyone, on the website.

    EDIT: I don't think the e-mail signup is the same as the KS emails. I get emails from HexEnt, automatically, like the free booster, but I have never gotten a KS email.
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    If checking the website once every couple of weeks is too "onerous" for you, you could have signed up for email updates. Don't blame your inattentiveness and lethargy on the company, the information is readily available to anyone who wants it.

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    Maybe hes talking about the kickstarter email that goes out after the Friday update? (which is basically just a link to the Friday update)

    If so i dont see how it matters at all...

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    I'm supposed to be getting Hex emails as a KS backer? I must have unsubscribed at some point.
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