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Thread: Can't log in

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    Can't log in

    Anyone else got their client frozen and then can't log in?

    I was deck building in the card manager when it froze while I was trying to save the deck - got the spinning blue circle. I then tried to relog after repairing the install - I input my login info, get the successful login sound, no "loading..." message, hangs for a couple seconds and bounces back to the login.

    Server is down or is it just me?

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    Same problem here. Not sure what's up.

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    Yeah same thing happened to me. Also can't connect to Other people in Hacky's channel reporting same thing.

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    Definitely some widespread routing issues. Unable to login here as well, some users apparently unaffected. is also timing out for me, fwiw.

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    Ditto. Was in the frost arena, froze at the coin flip. Kind of relieved its a wide-spread issue. Had enough problems getting the game to originally install, really didn't want to have to spend more days figuring that out.

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    Whomp, I hope this issue gets resolved before the tournament in 9 hours. Good thing it's not on my end so we'll just have to wait.

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    Same problem.

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    Problem seems abated, I'm back in the game!

    EDIT: Redacted. Hex teases.
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    Yeah I got back in for 30 mins then had same thing happen again.

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