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Thread: Peri into something without getting priority is unfun :(

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gwaer View Post
    if this is indeed how it is working it is counter to their design philosophy. We lost the hold priority key because they want back and forth gameplay, you should be able to respond to your opponent playing a troop.
    It is technically back-and-forth, because you can respond to your opponent playing the troop, but you can't respond with something that targets the troop, since it's not yet in play. When they play the card that is getting copied, you can respond and target the troop, but it's too late, because the copy effect has already triggered.

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    As long as you can murder the periwinkle after they play her, that's fine. If there's a peri on the board and they have resources to cast something 5+ and you can kill her but chose not to, then that is just a misplay =P
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    No, when the player's spell resolves, the active player gets priority immediately, so the player casting Periwinkle can immediately play a 5-cost spell to copy. Assuming they have 8 mana to work with, which is fair enough imo.

    From CZE's perspective, I'm sure the natural play they want to promote is that on your turn, you do something. They can react to your spell, but once your spell resolves, the back-and-forth is reset for you to do your next thing.
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    did the old 'hold priority' hotkey let you answer this situation (eg. burn the periwinkle)?

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    I think this is firmly in the realm of interactions we have lost to having to push the pass priority button less. For streamlining. Just goes to show how every small change can have unintended consequences.

    This actually could just be a design mistake in their back and forth methodology... I'm not actually certain that anything would let you stop them from playing a peri-into a 5 cost even with all of the lost stops, and the ctrl key... If hold priority would have worked... it would have been very unintuitive. You'd have to hold it while resolving the opponents peri, so you'd have to be expecting a 5 cost, which you would be if they're holding it back to use on that many resources... Unfortunately since it's gone now, can't really test if it would work.
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    The Ctrl key thing has nothing to do with this. This still would not have worked while the Ctrl key priority hold was in place.

    I brought up this issue several months ago, using Storm Cloud as an example....
    This is about the active player's mainphase/second mainphase priority and how it functions in the game.

    Using Storm Cloud as an example:
    Player A plays Storm Cloud
    Player B can respond to Storm Cloud being played
    Player B can not respond to Storm Cloud once it's in play
    Player A retains priority
    Player A plays Crackling Vortex - Playing shards does not lose priority
    Player A sacrifices Storm Cloud - Player A retains priority, Sacrificing is a cost...
    Player A plays a second card
    Player B can respond to second card being played
    Player B can not respond to second card once it enters play
    Player A passes Priority
    Finally Player B can respond to cards in play

    Periwinkle Scenario is similar in that, if you happen to have 8 resources - Play Periwinkle, and if it resolves, the next 5 cost card you play in the same mainphase will be copied regardless of whether or not you remove Periwinkle in response to the card being played, it's already been copied. You had no other opportunity to target Periwinkle after she entered play.

    (Not an issue for me, just spelling out the reason for the topic)
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    Absolutely true and works as intended

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    Quote Originally Posted by meetthefuture View Post
    Absolutely true and works as intended
    Yeah, not a big deal really. Can totally learn to live with it. It's just knowing it that is the challenging piece, then building decks with it in mind.

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    Yea, after loading up the client and playing with it, I can say nothing we have lost would prevent this scenario.

    I still think it's contrary to their back and forth desires though that you don't have the opportunity to kill peri once she is in play. But that is just a place where minutia doesn't reflect the macro design philosophy. Of which card games are full of these little interactions you just have to learn.
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    In order to fix this you would either have to give players an extra quick speed priority after each card resolves, or you would have to make it so the in-active player gets priority first. Doing the first makes it so there are a lot more priority switches every turn (slowing the game down). Doing the second can lead to some un-fun scenarios, for example, a player with an Ambush Guide on the field could play a Corpse Fly causing the opponent to discard the card they just drew before they had a chance to play it.

    A third way that I just considered is if who gets priority first throughout a turn changes over the corse of the turn, but that would probably get confusing. I would be willing to try this solution though. If you guys can come up with a solution I couldn't, or really like a solution I shot down, please say something.
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