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Thread: Heavy lags and disconnects all day long

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    Heavy lags and disconnects all day long

    For around 2 weeks now I've been having heavy lags and disconnects for long periods of time, which has already lost me a bunch of drafts and some community tourney games.

    Now, I realize this is likely a problem with my network, but I have no tools to understand what it is so I could talk to my provider, as my internet works fine.

    I read that I should try checking connection to, but my pings to it are fine. 74ms at most, even during lags that last minutes.
    Is there anything else I could try to debug this?
    As it is the game is barely playable at all.
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    Moved to a discussion forum. Hopefully you'll have more visibility here as well.
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    having the same problem on the tourneys too

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    you have tried to repair the client?
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    I'm having the same problem here today, "repair install" didn't help. I usually Alt+F4, restart the client, it then works for a while and then gets stuck again (starry background on the start of a game, stuck on phase changes later in the game).

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    yeah it is unplayable today
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    I restarted hex and my friends list disappeared lol -.-

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    it seems this problem persists today too

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    Quote Originally Posted by asdf2000 View Post
    I restarted hex and my friends list disappeared lol -.-

    There is always the possibility that all friends unfriended at the same time?
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