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Thread: Arena Bugs with Ozawa's Equipment

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    Arena Bugs with Ozawa's Equipment

    Both equipment pieces for Ozawa cause it to go into the graveyard instead of in play when used by Titania's Majesty, Eye of Creation, and probably (although I have not tested Jankbot.) It doesn't matter which equipment piece or if you used both pieces it still causes Ozawa to be sent to the graveyard instead of in play that way.

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    Bumping this. Exactly the same problem, and checked to see if there was an existing thread since I didn't see it on the Known Issues tracker.

    Basically in my experience, using Ozawa's Bite equipment leaves Ozawa entering play as a 0/0 from Titania's Majesty regardless of your current life total, thus ending it sent to the graveyard as a state-based effect. It's possible that even casting it normally (which shouldn't work differently to the copy from Majesty entering play) would cause this behavior to occur with the equipment, thus largely making the card useless.
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    Not sure if this is confirmed or not, but just had it happen to me. Have attached the image below show Ozawa as 0/0 having done no damage, while I'm at 23 health. Ozawa ded.jpg

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