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Thread: The Sharp Compendium

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    The Sharp Compendium

    Far too many posts, and no efficient way to dig for them. Here are various strategy and decklist posts I've made, all filed in a single place. Enjoy!

    Frost Arena - Deck Tierlist

    Campaign - PvE content:
    PvE Budget Decks
    Human Mage - Comprehensive guide
    Necrotic Mage -Ascension
    Orc Warrior - God
    PvE Elf Warrior Plant themed and TM themed
    PvE Commons

    Arena Budget Tech Series:

    Arena Farming Builds:
    Gore Chest
    Wild Arena
    Leeching Blood
    Colin's Brood
    Bards Tale
    Fastest Arena Decks(Includes Volley and Keeping it Regular)
    Burning Bunnies:
    Hammering on the Walls:
    Xentoth's Lab
    Praying to the Mountain God
    Turn 3 Reese

    Older Arena Builds:
    *Ruby Orcs
    *Arena Regular v2
    *Volley v2
    *Mono Sapphire Mill
    *Old Mono Wild
    *Old Mono Blood
    *Old Mono Sapphire
    *Old Paladin Themed deck

    Older Arena Budget Builds:
    *Idea was to originally have them under $1 or so to build.. Or as close as possible

    Strategy posts:
    Duplicitous Duke
    Spending Money in Hex
    *8 Minds 1 Draft (Look at set1 only draft from all players perspectives)
    *Arena Strategy to beat AI

    * = denotes that decks/strategy may be a bit outdated, or better decks have been posted later, or appear later in those threads.
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    sticky please!

    thanks nico
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    yeah, stick pls..
    those are greats decks.
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    Hi nico,

    Seeing that you also wrote some strategy threads (I'll go through them later again, because some sound familiar ) do you, or possibly someone else, already wrote a comprehensible guide on what to do with 'leftover' packs (Set 1, Set 2)?

    I've wondered many times, what to do with my packs. Up untill now I've sold some Set 1 packs during peek prices on the auction house to feed my Set 3 draft and gauntlet appetite as well as buying some staples of the AH for arena farming decks. I've also opened some packs to extend my (far from complete) collection, but always felt like this was bleeding me money (no money rares hit so far, and on average I feel like I'm having a loss). Some part of me says keep them, but then the other part of me says that I might lose alot of value once these sets rotate out.

    Anyway, sorry if I went a bit offtopic with this. If people can point me to said article or thread, that would be great!

    PS: I really like your contribution to the strategy and decklists forum, you are a deckbuilding master! I love the efficient (e.g. mono ruby orcs) and fun (e.g. mono wild) arena farming decks you put together and enjoy playing them alot!

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    Thanks guys. I have fun doing this, and I just wanted an easy way to refer back and update. I often purge my decklists from the client to remove the annoying locks on cards when trying to post a few AH cards.

    To your question about S1 and S2 pack strategy.. If there is one thing I will never have influence on, and largely understand, it's the economy in the game. Economics is something I've always struggled with - I understand principles, but envy those that can make accurate predictions. My guess is that the release of gauntlet format is going to heavily influence HXE to add old limited formats into rotation, because the rate at which a limited set can now stale is quite a lot faster. This is unfortunate for HXE, as content will be blown through faster by the hardcore grinders, and the value of new cards will also decline faster.

    What does that mean in-terms of your old packs? Hold onto them! You should get to play with them soon in limited modes. The guide I made almost 2 years ago now: Spending Money in Hex, I try to go back in and update on occasion, I think there is a blurb or two about old packs? With some set 1 and set 2 cards hitting really high prices again, sometimes it's not insane to just crack a few packs hoping to get lucky, and flipping them on the AH, but you need a lot of time and data to support you doing that efficiently.

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    I would sell them (and have sold them; I have zero S1/S2 remaining). I would also buy singles (I've built full sets of S1/S2 so far).

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    Definitely consider Yoss' advice. He is exceptionally good at utilizing the AH, and data provided by HEX and other sites utilizing AH data. I'm definitely small potatoes when it comes to marketplace questions.

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