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Thread: HEX Update - New VIP Reward Cards

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    HEX Update - New VIP Reward Cards

    Hi HEXers! This week, we’ll get friendly with the community of HEX streamers, but first let’s reveal the VIP tournament reward cards that will take us through the end of the year!
    Please tweet me @HEXWilliam for a reliable, quick response. Thank you.

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    Sweet art!
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    Ooh, those AA's are tempting me...

    On the one hand I'm not really keen on playing Orcs or Vennen right now, but on the other hand the tusker is so over-the-top awesome and the exarch is equally over-the-top horrid.

    Tons of VIP tickets, but only a dozen packs - if I don't do well (and my drafts have been very erratic), I'll have no reserves for when the next 'seasonal' AA comes around.
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    Very nice art. Will be nice to get my playset of Quash via VIP, and the art is just so good. Exarch looks sufficiently creepy too, nicely done.
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    ooh gotta get me some AA Exarchs for my spider deck, sweet!

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    Very nice AA art. "Gotta catch em all" ...

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    Those arts are sooooo good. I'll have to wait until October since I don't feel like playing the sealed VIP though

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    unicornpooping amazing

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    Hey look everybody!
    Its Venom the Vennen!

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    Thanks for the mention I definately recommend to check out the streamers, I know them all and they are all really amazing and entertaining! And beside from that we have a very generous, friendly and helpful HEX-Twitch community

    Also I really LOVE those 2 AA cards, looking forward to add them to my collection!.... Atleast for some time till I give them away anyway xD
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