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Thread: Happy Day Indeed!

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    If cze is happy with the deal, we should be happy with the deal.
    enough said
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    They had a weak case and HXE wouldn't accept bad terms. So hasbro had to offer them good terms now that the cost benefit was swinging the other direction so they could exit with an ambiguous 'win'. I imagine some money will change hands, and some gameplay stuff might change. But I'd expect symbolic changes and relatively small amounts of money at this point. It doesn't make sense for HXE to settle for unfavorable terms at this stage of the game.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Odai View Post
    Hahaha WotC/hasbro and giving up and give them a free license? Good joke. They either sue people in the ground, buy out companys/erase them or take big money to not further sue them. ^^
    If Hasbro lost the case, then anyone could much more easily make a magic clone. By settling they keep open their option of suing other people in the future. HEX had enough funding to make the case too difficult for Hasbro to slam dunk them out of business with court costs, so they wisely held on to what they could.

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    Hasbro/WotC has been doing licensing deal with nearly all TCG/CCGs in the past, sometimes for very affordable money. Get out some packaging of your favorite non-WotC card games. You are likely to find a passage like "US Patent 5662332. Used with permission from Wizards of the Coast." on it. The starters from AEG games I grabbed certainly have it. Others have painstakingly avoided any terminology used in the patent. But as far as I know, many have an agreement with WotC. I'd expect it to be a one-time payment to cover their lawyers (and possibly some). Pocket money in what is ahead for Hex.

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    We are not investors or shareholders and have no rights to any details of the settlement. We are entitled to our KS rewards and that's it.

    I'm just going to trust that Cory and the team have our best interests and the future of Hex as their priority. If Cory's happy with the deal then so am I.

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    I'm not a backer for many reasons but I'd love to do a raidd I never became high level in any mmo but I plan on being high level in hex.
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