Hello everyone!

With the game nearly in our hands, I was wondering what people's plans were for playing with more than 4 players?

CZE have said the game was designed for 4 players but as we all know the Kickstarter versions come with 5 additional characters. Making for a potential 9 player game! This was my thought:

Add an 3 extra ghosts from each of the basic classes for every player added. So 1 additional player = 3 Extra ghosts.

Two of the extra ghosts go in the spirit world and one of them goes on the board.

You could pick at random which ghost goes where or use the dice roll to determine which ghost goes on the board:

6 Die determines which class goes on the board class: 1-2 = Class 1, 3-4= Class 2, 5-6 Class 3.

8 Die determines the position on the board.

Use the gate on the upper left hand corner as the ghosts centre point. If there is no gate in that position at set up then proceed clockwise round the board to the next gate. Likewise for every additional ghost that needs to be added, keep going round the gates clockwise until all the ghosts have been added.

If there is already a ghost in the space rolled then place the ghost in an adjacent free space.

That was my idea, any others? Any thoughts?