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Thread: 9/26/15 AH Warning when buying AoM Primals

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    Quote Originally Posted by bwarner View Post
    Given the choice between protecting someone that has a 99.999% chance of being a drain on the community, or losing a community member that is doing absolutely nothing wrong, I can live with the .001% chance of someone being wrongfully punished. There's a reason that the American justice system has a standard of "beyond a reasonable doubt" and not "beyond any doubt that could possibly exist".
    The American justice system, known worldwide for its perfection.

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    +1 for fixed-width characters and commas. Nobody wants scammers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by the_artic_one View Post
    On that note, why do we still have price floors?
    To promote the Gold currency for "garbage" cards
    Timezone: GMT+1

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    This doesn't really need further discussion. Everyone is entitled to their opinion.
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