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Thread: 9/26/15 AH Warning when buying AoM Primals

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    Quote Originally Posted by fido_one View Post
    Castlenock. I appreciate if you plan on easing the pain as I know you are that type of person Kami, but I'm actually good with it. I'm better off using this as a lesson to enjoy the things that are actually important. While I may be all salty with the seller, my dogs friggin' LOVE HIM/HER as I've been giving them some extra lovin' as a result.
    Also, I got a good pull for the sealed VIP, so no more whining from me!

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    You should definitely make a support request with all the details of what happened. I get you may have decided it was your own fault and you have enough that it didn't effect you too badly, but think of the next poor person who gets scammed, possibly losing their entire account. That person will quit the game for good. We need to get rid of intentional scammers like this, we don't want them in this game, and the HEX staff have already shown they are willing and have banned players who know use the AH to deceive. It hurts the game, it results in bad experiences, bad stories being shared and lost customers.

    Please report so they can action it.
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    Seems unfortunately this may be a trending issue since there have been other threads about it recently. While the statements about "personal responsibility" and whatnot are true, I find that somewhat dismissive of the problem.

    I've never done any type of programming. Can anyone with a programming background comment on just how "hard" or "easy" it would be to make values display with commas as been suggested several times across the threads? I'm curious how many resources would need to be diverted to change it.

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    I did report it, and I know they are aware of it (simply by posting on the forums, they keep close eyes on these convos). This sort of stuff has always been going on and I would have phrased my warning with a bit less drama if I could do it over again. Half of my enjoyment these days is playing the AH in Hex; I'm not great at it, but it's a damn good bit of fun to have on a side monitor when you've got your head in a project. If there weren't sharks in the mix than it wouldn't be nearly as fun I think.

    I'm always very weary on saying how hard something is or is not with an IT related thing, especially software development. Something as simple as a comma change can and does equate to getting the whole team to agree (even if it seems obvious, they have to know it's something to move forward on), making sure it stays within different resolutions, that it doesn't tip a wee thing over that no one notices until they grow 10 times their size and it becomes a major, major issue that they've discovered, after data is recorded, etc. etc.

    It's really very impressive how quickly they learned to be a savvy software development shop, as I think the CZE around the time of the Kickstarter would have said 'sure it'll be in there next patch'. Though it's not my bag, I've directed enough software development entities to know two things: A) nothing, absolutely nothing, is as easy as it seems (in IT ops too), and B) I couldn't even get close to a software product this good or polished at this point even with the software and IT management experience background I have... how in the hell did HexEnt do it that fast? Yeah, they've missed their dates by an amazing margin, etc. but really, they've gone from a company with a vision, no software experience and a lot of orphaned code, to a really, really finely tuned digital gaming studio. That's... that's quite an amazing shift when you think about it.

    So yeah, I'm sure they talk about this stuff, they are aware, and there are reasons they have for not implementing it yet. Like I said, I could have crafted the OP a bit better, I was still wound up about it. I just don't like changing my OP posts... If I did though it would simply be flagging that someone is duping people on the AH right now sans my stupid woe is me routine.

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    It bothers me that people are doing things like this. As someone who does a lot of selling on the market, the last thing I want to see is people shying away from it for fear of being scammed. I do agree it is personal responsibility, but at the same time these guys should not be getting a free pass for what is a blatantly obvious attempt to scam people out of their money. I know that I have done the opposite where I've sold expensive cards for gold instead of plat so I know it is very possible to accidentally post in the wrong currency. But this is not that. It is very easy to see what this person (or these persons) intentions are.

    I'm sorry this happened to you fido. I know you said you were fine with it but I'd like to help you. Check your in game mail.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yoss View Post
    Better to just fix the UI so that the trick doesn't work any more. With fixed-width characters and commas for every three digits, it would be very hard to spoof pricing. The inflated ask price would literally stick out like a sore thumb, to the left of all the other prices.
    +1 to this. Just changing the font so 1s aren't smaller than every other character would fix the problem. Yes, buyers should be careful, but the AH also shouldn't help scammers.

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    I guess this might of been said already so sorry if I repeat anything..

    honestly I know this might be fair in eyes of some people but id personally class it as ongoing harassment to the community as they are purposely putting them up for sale as 11,111 as it looks like 1,111 and cheaper then anything higher then 1,111. This could also be classed as a form of abuse/exploit using text/numbers ingame to gain/take advantage of players.

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    I was looking at AoM Primal prices yesterday, & saw these listed top, 2no:@ 1110/11111.
    Very nearly fell for it myself, sorry to see you did!
    I'm sure who ever listed them feels very pleased with there conduct!

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    Quote Originally Posted by fido_one View Post
    Still, I'd love to hear why we don't have commas in the auction house or some other equivalent. That sounds like I'm pissed but I'm not, it didn't even occur to me why they would be so important until this happened. I'd love to hear a 'we plan on putting them in at some point' or 'this is why we decided not to have them' or help me find a thread I missed on the subject.
    Just from personal experience, delineators are not a COMPLETELY trivial feature. The schema varies from country to country. France uses .'s instead of ,'s; some places might group by 4 digits instead of 3, just as a couple examples. It requires a call to the OS to see which format is in use.

    That said, the reason why it isn't in yet is simple: the developers did/do not understand it's a required feature, and thought it was just a "nice to have" luxury. It's pretty common to overlook very well known but small scale things like this when you're busy. But this is carved in stone:

    If your players are putting real money into a game, there must be commas.

    I recommend you put in a ticket to ask them to reverse the trade, and if they don't, to quit the game. That's the reasonable capitalist way of resolving defects. Anyone willing to let being ripped off for $100 slide... you guys must be millionaires.

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    Unfortunately, support isn't going to be able to do anything about this (though I believe we've already established that in the thread). That being said, it's ludicrous to me that we don't have commas in the auction house yet... and fixed width font for numbers would be a good idea as well - function is more important than visual appeal in that regard; there's no need for your numbers font to match your word font throughout the rest of the client.

    This has come up several times, and your plat and gold totals at the top of the client have already been set to show commas (they didn't use to), so there's no real reason that same change can't be applied to the rest of the client.

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