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Thread: savage raider counts as dino in cup

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    Got to agree that you should be able to have some associated troops in there (tribe league allowed non-tribe troops iirc).
    Still it might be interesting as it stands but it's a shame for the Dinos and Shrooms

    I think a very short list of exceptions would be appropriate however as you get very close to just being normal constructed otherwise: most decks are already strongly themed.

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    If you're referring to the Wild Cup, it is not run by Cryptozoic or Hex Ent in anyway. It is a community run tournament, with the format proposed by the player that is providing prize support for the tournament (Matt Miller AKA DeckOfManyThings for the Wild Cup this season).

    The rules proposed and agreed upon by the tournament organizers can be located here:

    Personally, I feel that if you allow exceptions to the trait restriction, where does it stop? Should Constructs and Robots be together, since they're essentially both robotic? What about Mushwocky?

    The straight-forward approach works best for a 'fun' alternate format.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Thrawn View Post
    Mushwocky should be allowed in Shin'Hare then as well since the card depends on Shin'Hare.
    I think Shroomkin should.

    I like the concept of tribal formats, seems self evident to me that "tribes" should include not just pure races, but their minions/associates who clearly interact via lore and mechanics.

    As such Robots, being created by Dwarves, should be considered part of Dwarf tribe. Shroomkin, being enslaved by Shin'Hare, should be part of tribe, so should Elves and plants. Cromag, who is riding a freaking dinosaur and buffs them, is clearly part of a Dino tribal theme.
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    I agree Savage Lord should be allowed in the Wild Cup for Dino decks and that Mushwocky should be allowed for Shin'Haar decks, but in all honesty I think Mushwocky has enough viabilty without even being in a Shin'Haar deck due to there being enough actions that make shin'haar...constants and so forth to get it done without needing Shin'Haar troops in a Shroomkin deck.

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    Since cards like Purge specifically call out Traits and shared Traits, I wanted to avoid situations where a Troop on either side of the board evaded or wasn't effected by a Trait-focused card simply because we granted them honorary trait status for the Wild Cup. Players should be able to go into this format knowing EXACTLY what to expect from their opponent's decks without having to find a rule in the rules doc granting honorary traitness to specific Troop.

    One day, it's hoped that Hex will support a Tribal format in the client. On that day I highly doubt that troops will get granted honorary traits just to be included (it would make for some awkward coding and deck checking). The Rules for the Wild Cup this season were forward thinking as to how Hex might include such a format in the future.

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    That's well reasoned, Deckofmanythings, and perfectly valid. The downside is the trade-off that it eliminates a bunch of potential possible decks which normally people would be looking at for tribal format because of their synergies. Basically a bunch of tribes are weakened, limiting diversity. Most dwarf decks are out, and others are more limited like Shin'hare, Dino, some kind of Briarpatch-Elf deck, etc. It's too bad but obviously there's still plenty of possible decks and it should be a fun tourney.

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    Wouldn't dwarf/robot just own every other tribe if it was allowed in the wild cup? I am not a expert on the constructed meta but dwarf/robot could be considerer a tier 1 deck.

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    The reasoning is good on the part of Deckofmanythings, so I'm not going to suggest this as a replacement for the current rule.

    But for future "tribal" decks, suppose that instead of the rule "Every troop must share at least one trait" is replaced by "Every troop must share a trait or have that trait mentioned in their rules text." That would include Mushwocky, Savage Lord, Pterobot for a Dwarf deck, and a lot of other "tribal" cards that don't technically fit into the format without needing specific rules for each card. It would also permit a few hate cards like Snare Trapper, Child of Rust or Brood Missionary, which won't probably won't cause many issues due to them generally being underpowered and off-shard. (It still wouldn't permit Shroomshaw or Shroomtank without another condition, though.)

    For those of you worried that Dwarf/Robot decks would become a lot more powerful, consider that you're still quite limited by choosing either Dwarf or Robot, and that "Artifact" is not a trait; you couldn't put War Machinist into a Robot deck.
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    I've said this a few times about different cards. I think the problem can be solved by introducing a secondary set of allegiances which determine the relation of a card to its lore/tribe. For example, Savage Lord would be Cromag [Lord of Dinosaurs]. This secondary set of allegiances wouldn't have an in-game effect, but would tie in certain cards with others. There's more - Living Totem [Totem of the Coyotle]; Sepulchral Bonewalker [Necrotic something something] etc.

    This is just a rough outline but I think it would officiate tribes and tribal outliers, in addition to tying cards into lore as a whole.
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    simply No

    i was personally kind of annoyed to have the Savage Lord count as a dinosaur in the Tribe club, where you could have added him anyway, since you only needed 20 tribe troops.

    several Tribes would benefit from having a special troop of a different tribe, but tough shit, the rules were anounced and so everyone has to build a deck following the very limiting rules.
    if you want to play a dinosaur deck with the Savage Lord, try standard constructed.

    If the rules are bend you will get complaints like
    Calamity counts as a Elf
    Storm Cloud counts as a Human
    Robots as Dwarfs
    Constructs as Robots
    All kind of Animal as Beast
    Shroomkin as Shin'hare
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