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Thread: Brynhildr's Super Hex Collection Spreadsheet! v1.0

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    Brynhildr's Super Hex Collection Spreadsheet! v1.0

    UPDATED - 3/5/16 - (Chronicles of Entrath - Chapter 1 Patch + Fixes)

    Hi Hexers!

    I wanted to share my spreadsheet with the community today.

    If you're a weirdo like me, you love spreadsheets and being able to see your collections in an itemized list. I've been working on this spreadsheet for several months now in my spare time for use with my Hex Collection. I've finally at a point where I think it's good enough to be used as an aid for the community. The spreadsheet is based off of a very early spreadsheet somebody posted in the forums way back in Alpha. I liked their format and built off of it, expanding it with each new set. I hope it will be of use to some of you!

    The Spreadsheet Includes:

    - All three of Hex's sets as spreadsheets. The spreadsheet has filters to search by Shard color, Rarity, Quantity, Extended Art, and more.

    - Each Spreadsheet also includes a counter that shows how close you are to completing a playset of each card, and a single of each card.

    - A spreadsheet for the Wheels of Fate that shows all the results for each wheels of fate spin/type/color for each of the three set chests. There is also a spot for you to track your chests.

    - A Spreadsheet for all collectibles in the game, including the source of each collectibles. This includes all known Alternate Art cards, Sleeves, and Mercenaries.

    - A Spreadsheet for all PvE Cards currently available in the game. The spreadsheet includes their source and rarity.

    - A spreadsheet for all Equipment currently available in the game. The list is sortable by slot type, card modified, Source, Card Shard color, Rarity, and whether it is acquired. The list also includes the effects of all equipment.


    Link to Spreadsheet: Google Drive

    !! PLEASE NOTE - This spreadsheet is currently only formatted for for OpenOffice! If you attempt to open it with Microsoft Excel, it will likely not appear correctly! I am hoping to convert this to Microsoft Excel once I am no longer a cheapskate and can afford to buy Microsoft Office.

    If you have any comments of recommendations on how I can make this Spreadsheet even better, feel free to leave a comment or thread. I will definitely take a look at any suggestions.

    - Bryn



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    Awesome, I've been working on something similar, not nearly as clean as yours though, and I was no where near getting all the equipment and various sources for stuff in. Based on the collection tracking block for playset percentages, I think we may both have started with the same spread sheet as a base early on. I've gone more into tracking things like draft results, wheel of fate spins, auction sales, etc. Though I got lazy and let it slip for a long while, I'm trying to get back to keeping track. I may lift huge chunks of your collection stuff into my tracking spreadsheet, if you don't mind.

    I love it even better for being in Calc not Excel, but it looks like it should move over easily, I switched to Open Office a few years back, and far prefer it at this point, but can't get away from excel for work. Give me a couple days and if some one else doesn't beet me to it, I'll get it in excel and working at least if there are any issues, looks like it should be pretty clean with just a save as.

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    Nice work - I think you need to add the 9 PvE cards from the wheels of fate to the PvE sheet though.
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    Good job, it's a pity that I'm not going to download Openoffice since Microsoft Office is used almost everywhere still so *shrug*.
    By the way I don't think are too many people who payed for Microsoft Office for private use and it's still widespread lol.
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    This looks cool!
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    For everyone using Google Docs; this is the sheet I am using to track my colletions

    Includes all in-game items and their source with an overview sheet for quick referencing. Have fun.

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    Nice! Detailed and easy to use. Well done!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Phenteo View Post
    This looks cool!
    You know what would be cooler? An in-game (or better yet, out-game) function that would export our collection into this spreadsheet template

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    Quote Originally Posted by benczi View Post
    You know what would be cooler? An in-game (or better yet, out-game) function that would export our collection into this spreadsheet template
    DocX has an export tool through the API. If that's not exactly right, someone else could use the API to do it. In other words, HXE has already done its part in this. Now the 3rd parties need to get busy.

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    This is awesome. But as a database administrator, I have one tiny gripe.

    The "Single Copy" column is redundant. You already have the quantity column. Anything you could learn from the Single Copy X you could learn just by filtering on '0' in the quantity column. Any formulas that reference the X could be just as easily done by checking for '0'.

    Still. Super awesome work. I will likely end up using this sheet.

    EDIT: Also, you call the Shards a Land in the type. They are Shards, not Lands.

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