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Thread: New RockPaperShotgun coverage - lawsuit settlement & playing campaign demo

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    New RockPaperShotgun coverage - lawsuit settlement & playing campaign demo

    2 Articles in 1 day!
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    Circle Of Protection: Hex And Magic Settle Lawsuit
    How To Teach An AI To Play Hex: Shards Of Fate

    The game is destined to be an “MMOTCG”, and now their focus is turning to creating MMO standards like quests and raids. I visited Cryptozoic to play the new mode and to find out: how do you teach an AI to play a card game that’s changing all the time?
    It’s certainly come along. Back in July, Ben built some decks and drew some cards, noting that Hex had already achieved one of Jones’ main aims of offering a more complex alternative to Hearthstone. With its socketed cards, player champions and reactive play, Hex has grown into a game that can be a little intimidating to the new player, but Jones says that part of the point of the new PvE campaigns will be to offer a gradual introduction. “One of the things the new PvE campaign is going to do is help the player understand the complexities of Hex,” he says. “We jammed in a bunch at the start with all the equipment and socketed cards and characters you can level up. Now, we have to be careful that we don’t overwhelm people.”

    Watching a demonstration of the journey through one of these new PvE campaigns, “overwhelmed” is definitely not how I would describe my response. An overhead view of a very traditional fantasy map sees us following predetermined paths through a forest, node by node, fighting initially very straightforward opponents before coming to a fork in the road and making a choice about where to head next. Between these moments of card combat, short dialogues flesh out the story or sometimes present new choices and challenges, with the player’s character class and race sometimes a factor in these.

    In short, it’s much of what you’d expect from a traditional RPG experience and your first quests in a fantasy land. It looks a little like one of the early Heroes of Might & Magic games and feels very familiar, certainly a lot less intimidating than simply stumbling into Hex’s first deckbuilding options.

    It’s not lacking in the presentation department, either, and reflects how a considerable amount of Cyrptozoic’s energy is going into trying to make Hex an ever flashier, ever fancier thing to play with. Part of this is for the sake of functionality, because a clear and helpful interface, with its many sorting options, stat breakdowns and indices, makes everything easier to get a grip on. But it’s also because Jones and his team are taking pride in building a game that is far prettier than it ever need be. Elaborate orchestral soundtracks and gorgeous art are evidence of a great effort to create not just a game, but a world. Embellishments are everywhere.
    I’m intrigued to see how all this comes together and perhaps even if I’ll be able to tell the difference between one of these AIs, resplendent with metadata, from a real opponent. There is still much work to be done and, though Jones is hoping to to have things “finished” by the end of the year, nobody is expecting a smooth ride along a road that has already been bumpy and which has seen many ideas attempted and discarded. Jones says the team went through four different models for level progression alone and he has no shame in acknowledging that mistakes have been made, with more likely to come.
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    So who's the comedian who has been playing Storm Clouds and then immediately sacrificing them to mess with the AI?

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    *raises hand*
    HexEnt is too long to type, They're HXE now.
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    Awesome read. Finally some up to date and good coverage from rps (although the lawsuit game screenshots are out of date).

    Now Chris, about that AI...

    Seriously though. Sounds incredible. Would love to see some of this learning on the live client

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    Very nice

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    Very cool. The list of traits was especially intriguing. Super ambitious goal for the AI, but if they succeed it will be glorious.

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    I love the Howling Plains mat!
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    Been trying to drum up some enthusiasm on their forums as well. Could use a little help as I'm starting to feel like I'm talking to myself in there:

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    Quote Originally Posted by WolfCrypt View Post
    I love the Howling Plains mat!
    I was wondering what you were talking about, then realized they added that one subsequently!
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