Heya everyone! Hope you guys are doing good on the IQ ticket hunt and the first IQ is starting in just a few hours, I wish everyone who jumps in good luck

There is only a little something that bothers me.

The sleeves were revealed here: https://www.hextcg.com/hex-update-in...lifiers-begin/

I totally get the idea behind it and they look quite cool. However, I am not entirely happy with the decision made here. The invitational participant sleeve and the top 64 sleeve are great, totally fine, many of those will be around. No problem here.

But honestly: I was personally expecting something more exciting and different for the top 12 finalist sleeves and especially the winner sleeves as they are only existing 12 and ONE time. IMO it should be something more outstanding than just a simple color change from the other ones.

Just curious how you think about it, obviously it is no big thing and stuff, just my personal opinion, so please don't take this as an angry thread or anything