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Thread: Optimal Termination! (PvE)

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    Optimal Termination! (PvE)

    Have you ever been wondering what deck that synergies with the infamous Optimatron could look like? Here is my take (still the only one on tcgbrowser)!

    Goal of the deck is simple, play Optimatron as soon as possible while trying to draw as many cards as possible. Basically all of cards are aiming to realize this goal You should have no issues having at least 6/6 Optimatron on turn 4 when you usually play him and in turn 5 you are often crashing your opponent with 15/15 (or hitting him in the face with a huge boulder). Soul of battle turns impossible odds to possible often killing your opponent with Optimatron, Skarn or Phoenix with boulder toss even before attack. Don't be afraid to toss a Reginald or Anarchist for additional card draw when necessary.

    Reginald is the alternative wincon often ending the game around turn 5 as well. Perfect runs should be no problem and the deck is quite fast at cleaning, smashes slow decks and war bot with Optimatron. Main weakness is obviously the fight against Xarlox, but I usually manage to beat him with a little bit of luck or Pheonixes (they are good fit with the massive draw and Optimatron self mill).

    Champion: Benvolio!/deck=35005

    4x Ashwood Soloist
    4x Kindling Skarn
    4x Psychotic Anarchist
    3x Reginald Lancashire
    4x Optimatron
    2x Sunsoul Phoenix

    4x Crazed Rummaging
    4x Crackling Bolt
    4x Crimson Clarity
    3x Soul of Battle
    4x Boulder Toss

    2x Crackling Vortex
    18x Ruby Shard

    All equipment is necessary for the deck to work properly:
    Sigil of Mostugh - Your Optimatrons have, "When you draw this, bury the top five cards of your deck."
    Reptilian Faceplate - Kindling Skarns, Burning Skarns, and Hellfire Skarns have, "When this enters play, create a random ruby action and put it into your hand."
    Kindling Gauntlets - Your Kindling Skarns, Burning Skarns, and Hellfire Skarns have, "When you draw a resource, if it's the first card you drew this turn, you may draw a card. If you do, each opposing champion draws a card."
    Combat Trail Blazers - Your Psychotic Anarchists have, "When this leaves play, each champion draws a card."
    Rusty Chestplate - Your Optimatrons have, "Crush."

    Deck alternation that have been tried:
    Lord Alexander - I found him too slow or fragile (almost 0 hasted Optimatrons in test runs)
    Heatwave - potentially good, sadly +1 damage equipment is in chest slot that cannot be sacrificed
    Deadeye ripper - you usually do not have 6 resources when you play Optimatron which makes him useless
    Ashwood maestro - too much shard advantage for your opponent
    Jags - soul of battle is more than enough

    Looking for your input guys!
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    Bump as overtime this is my favorite deck from many, many I have tried Does well against upgraded boss hp and only problem is Skarn generating useless cards like Army of Myth or Blackbelt actions...

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