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    Any Hype for Cartoon Network DBG?

    I'm a huge Cerberus engine fan so I'm pretty much chomping at the bit for any pack coming out. My SO is a pretty big fan of CN Fluxx so when I spotted the game in NYCC Day One post I got pretty excited. Any additional information/excitment for the game?

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    Looks fun, and I would like to try it. I am very concerned, however, that the cover art shows no sign of sugar, spice, or everything nice.

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    I don't know anything about this, or even if this image is legit, but just from this image --


    -Samurai Jack and Aku <3
    -No Camp Lazlo or Edd bullshit.
    -Not excited for Steven himself, but excited for every other gem.
    -Good job including popular characters from both new and old CN.


    -PPG isn't featured. Instead...
    -The bird and the raccoon, and whoever their episodic villain is, are pieces of shit. Show was interesting for a minute, time for it to die.
    -Like seriously, a sentient television... thing... over Mojo Jojo?
    -So much Adventure Time everywhere with Cryptozoic. I expected it, but Finn, Jake, and Ice King are basically spammed on everything. If you're going to have Adventure Time, you don't need Regular Shit too.
    -Why is it age 12 and up? CN lovers exist from 8 yrs. up, even younger.

    Hoping for:

    -I fully expect a PPG promo starting character. The one and only legitimate choice.
    -Support cards from Billy and Mandy, KND, Megas XLR, Fosters, Courage, Juniper Lee, Symbionic Titan, Ben 10 (original), Johnny Bravo, and maybe Hanna Barbera.
    -No presence of Johnny Test. At all. Seriously. I'll burn the card(s).
    -HD character images, no screenshots.

    I can basically forgive anything, though, because Samurai Jack. <3
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    I'm thinking that Finn & Jake, and Mordecai & Rigby would be a single oversized card each, or at least that is what I would hope, leaving 3 other oversized cards, plus a promo, maybe for something like Megas, the Powerpuff Girls, Courage, and maybe one of the really old characters like Yogi Bear or Fred Flintstone as the promo.

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    Can't wait until this shows up in the Cartoon Network store downstairs from my office.

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    I'm hoping that since PPG have so many heroes and villains in the show, they might be given their own Crossover Pack. Probably not, but it's the only reason I can think of for not including them on the box art.

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    So wait...this is a thing? Seriously? If so, needs a page on BGG.

    - Best they can do from classic CN is Dexter and Jack? Jack, ok, but Dexter? No PPG?
    - Fin, Jake and Ice King are fine, but lets not turn this into CN Fluxx where half the cards were Adventure time. (Seriously, 7 different Keeper cards, where every other show had 3 or less)

    Honestly, I'm way interested, but I can be easily disappointed, probably because I "grew out" of CN shortly after the original batch of "CartoonCartoon". I'll try it because it's Cerberus (right?) but I'd be much more interested in seeing extensions of the Anime or Capcom themes, or picking up something in the 80s nostalgia dept (DBZ or Transformers Cerberus, anyone?)

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    These share an oversized.

    Yes, it's Cerberus. That's all for now...
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    The Aku card should cost like 100 and read "Every other character in this game is a joke compared to the Shogun of Sorrow, so if you buy this card, you win, simple as that"
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    Bachelor's in Emerging Media, Cum Laude

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