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Thread: Daily Decklist Datafeed: published decks for constructed tournaments

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    Thats ok this is already more than we had, so thanks a bunch for that!

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    Thank, looks very interesting. Now to adapt my current hex file parse to use also this files.

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    Any chance of the VIP Constructed Decklists from this weekend to be output with this feed?

  4. #14 is now live and in a beta stage.

    We have details on this thread here.

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    Those are special monthly cases that we'll post as we normally do.
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    Data dragon, since you are seemingly up early, would it be possible for the data file to include all decks regardless of win rate, but still include win/loss info? I am hoping this is easy enough to change a parameter on the query as we could do quite a bit more with less censored data. Of course, if it is too much trouble at this juncture, I would minder stand as part of the goal here was to reduce the burden on you all.

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    I'll need to discuss it internally to see if a full decklist dump is something desired.
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    I think this might have a negative impact for newer players feeling embarrassed of their results and lists published but I do like the additional potential to analyse the field and penetration of decks into the money slots.
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    Strip account names from any data that wouldn't be already included in what we have, make it anonymous.
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    No names on decks without a positive win/loss?

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