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Thread: Planet bug

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    Planet bug

    Not sure if I can make the title more self explanatory for what i bout to B*&^%$ about

    Yesterday I experienced the planet bug (where you get a black screen with spinning globe forcing you to force restart hex) 6 freaking times ..

    Today im already at my 5t, and today it has cost me 2 sales over a few hundred plat each.

    In 1 instance I couldn't find the buyer who was asking me for something previously, and in second instance the person went to someone else for what they needed.

    Most of my friends I know in game (yes I have friends) are crashing also into planet bug mode so many times per day its not funny any more.

    They need to fix this or at least assure us a fix is coming.

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    think main thing is not to enter a new window/search when whispering people, from what i can tell it only happens when your switching say from home to AH as someone whispers.

    would be nice to have a fix for it for sure tho :P

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    Never seen this bug seems very annoying indeed.
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    I would say this is my top quality of life concern at the moment. Really obnoxious bug. Usually I can click on one of the category buttons that are half off the bottom of my screen, but as OP said, sometimes you just gotta close the client.

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