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Thread: Charity Stream for Diabetes UK - Oct 31st - Nov 1st

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    Charity Stream for Diabetes UK - Oct 31st - Nov 1st

    Hi All

    I've been a long-time Hex player, since Alpha in-game name Boomer (some of you may have seen my videos on Caravel Gaming), but for the last 15 months I've been concentrating on my health due to being diagnosed with Type II Diabetes

    Fortunately due to a massive amount of help and faith in me from others I've managed to reverse the condition and lose a ton of weight and now I feel like I have to give something back

    I've registered for the Run in the Dark in Manchester and am raising money for Diabetes UK and I was thinking of ways to expand my fundraising efforts and this felt like a potentially good idea

    100% of all monies taken will be donated to Diabetes UK and I'll even have some giveaways ready.

    If you're willing to support even if it's just being there while I rant for 16 hours or whatever, I'll appreciate it

    The Stream will be from 10am to 8pm UK Time on 31st October and 1st November 2015

    Day 1 Worldclock
    Day 2 Worldclock

    Here's a link to the announcement video:

    Youtube Announcement

    Links to Twitch Channel and Charity Page:

    Just Giving Page

    Thanks for your attention guys and all the best

    Apologies for doing this on a new account but I have been unable to get into the account my Youtube channel group, CaravelBoomer, created despite resetting the password twice so I'm afraid I've had to create an account exclusive to me

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    Confirmed this account matches that of CaravelBoomer.

    Sending PM to OP regarding original account.

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