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Thread: Ramp

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    I was a big proponent of banning TM. The card wasn't interactive and went in a powerful deck.

    I am AGAINST more nerfs. I think counters to the current version of this deck exist in the meta. This deck is powerful but fine. If this takes down the Constructed Qualifier this weekend I'd be willing to reconsider, but what I've seen is that this deck is tier 1, but beatable. More importantly it is substantially more interactive now than before.

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    The biggest problem of the deck is the ruby gem. With rootfather, it's over the top. And all good player know that. The fact is that in one turn , you can take 16 dmg, it's just too powerfull. Even if you can block the rootfather, a 8-8 turn 6 (or 5!) is really hard to deal with (turn 7 too....)There are so many threat, you need to have a starter hand with a least 2 or 3 removal or you loose (bouncing is too slow).Nearly EACH troops in the deck are a wincondition --->puck/peri/sage,droo, moss, syyn etc....

    Versatility ?

    Instant win --/-> EOC
    Draw insane amount of card and sustain ---> balthazar
    Absurd damage ---> rootfather / sage (thanks to the 3+3 buff nearly each turn) / droo turn 4 ?
    Early drop as a wincon -------> puck or periwinkle (peri copie spell , if you don't have a removal, the game is pretty much over.

    With all thoses artefact in the deck, blood is not an option except if you have some extinction in your hand. Against aggro, you have the best reserve : cluk/heatwave/carno...

    Against this deck, i find it s really hard to take the control of the board AND if you are luckily enought to take the control of the board, you can die EACH turn with this broken ruby gem !! Or EOC !

    Too many option, big damage, healthy troop, cannot extend the board with croco, lots of draw, EOC, early troop too powerfull...

    Remove this ruby gem at least.
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    I remember many people saying ramp would be dead if TM was banned prior to and immediately after the decision. I told them the deck would still be very strong. we know.

    The problem is that the powerlevel of troops compared to spells is just insanely high. Rootfahter, Croc and maybe periwinkle would all be considered to be too powerful in mtg probably. we need more nerfs/bans ? Well...tough to say..mabye the answer surprisingly is indeed yes.

    But the biggest issue with the deck still is its playstyle. Ramp decks in other tcgs have still some level of interaction and decision time. But the ramp in HEX is realy very easy to play. I just have to say it...the deck can be played in auto-pilot mode for the most part.
    The mirror especially still feels like a pure luckfest. I dont want to have the qualifier decided by a ramp mirror or by who had the most luck with eye of creation prior to the top 8. But thats what it very possible may come down to. I dont like this one bit.

    Now...the easiest thing (once again) would be to change things/cards. Sadly they dont do that. So when you need to ban a card it probably would be croc. Croc is what makes playing against the deck so hard. You cant wait for them to play their rootfather but you just lose if they 3 for 1 or 2 for 1 you with croc. In the mirror the one whit the early croc usually has the big advantage.
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    Actually the real issue is periwinkle thats what makes the deck hard to counter properly because it solves the issues the deck has so easily.
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    actually thats true...actually the deck has more than one problem card..removing one would solve it though

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    Removing the gem is the best answers because it seems that they will never nerf a card (really don't understand why, after all, it's a competitive game, not a buisness game around card value...).

    I'm not really sure about nerfing crocosaur or peri, but the addition of thoses powerfull troop is too much. Ramping is also too easy, too many option between troop and cressidia power...
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    Quote Originally Posted by poizonous View Post
    Thoughts? Consider it proof that Titania's Majesty wasnt the problem with that style deck
    No, Titania's was A BIG PROBLEM. It made what is a seriously strong deck into an insanely overpowered deck. I think there is a problem in that ramp is now the meta almost in its entirety. I played the Scheduled Constructed last night and all 4 games were against ramp decks. I beat 3 out of the 4 with my Mono Ruby Aggro deck and still had a chance against the one I lost to had I gotten a slightly better resource draw that last game. I think the only thing that could be done to "fix" ramp is to make Cressida's charge power take 4-5 charges instead of 3, but that won't kill the deck, just make it a little slower. Slower is GOOD. Anything that slows down the meta is good in my opinion.

    Of course, this could also be mitigated with the release of set 4, since having another 200-250 cards in the pool could help expand the meta more. The fact that the sets are taking way too long between releases means the meta gets solved within 2 months and then has another 4 months to get really irritatingly stale.

    EDIT: One other problem that the ramp deck's power highlights is it's "cheapness." You can put together a really good ramp deck for about $100. To counter it, the only deck that's close to as cheap is the Quash-based mono ruby aggro. Everything else is prohibitively expensive. Blood-based control requires 2-4 Vamp Kings and those are running $25-$30 a piece (total for a playset is close to $100). Sapphire-based control requires Reese and he's running $25-$30 a piece (another $50-$100 playset). Extinction is $8-$10 a piece. These are not optional cards in those decks.

    A new set, or a new revised set that added some of these money cards back into the heavy rotation (including sealed and draft) would help that a little bit.

    So basically what I'm saying is SET 4 NOW.
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    While im more confused on how you beat it 3 of the 4 times as mono r considering w/r beats it in a lot of cases I am also confused by what you consider the meta? I haven't played any constructed in the past week but before that i played in 5 or 6 scheduled constructed and only had 3? mirror matches.

    The reason r/w is so popular right now is because it is good and relatively cheap. I am not saying a change shouldn't be made to them gem however clearly the deck can be beat. I have lost almost every game I have played against a complete b/d deck and am currently 0-2 against azurecannon. We need to make sure we aren't saying nerf this deck because its too popular. I would argue in a lot of cases that b/d is a stronger deck but people aren't complaining about it because it costs $400 to buy the deck.

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    My biggest problem is that it's all I'm facing. 4 matches in the scheduled last night. 2 of the 4 matches I played in the VIP this past weekend. There's too little variety in the meta. It makes constructed very stale, which means less people play because they are bored with the meta, making the overused deck even MORE overused.

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    Ramp can be beat pretty easily, but the strategies to do that at a high % often require you to play the same set of cards. This was a similar issue when TM was in the game, but the clock is not as fast, and allows a few more turns for folks to counter it.

    You can't isolate 1 card and say it's the problem. It's a suite of things:
    Come into play priority triggers, especially with Periwinkle
    Rootfather gems
    Ramp - Puck/Brave/etc.
    Eye of Creation
    Now counter-play to the deck that beats it the most: 4x Master Moss.

    You solve one problem, and it doesn't eliminate the threat. The threat is late game troops early, and the multiple ways to get there.

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