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Thread: Rating the Haunted Harvest event

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    I really do like events. I LOVE EM. I'm 100% on board for both how the AA and sleeve were handled. The PvE stuff though was a bit to easy to get. I mean, i'm all for giving out stuff, but with the current drop rate you could've just given it out when logging in :P

    There is a balance to be made between the drop rate of "Slaughtergear's Replicator" (worth approx $100 for a playset) and the "Harvester's Reaper" (worth approx 25 gold for a playset) :P

    I'm sure a slightly lower droprate (1 on the second and one on the last boss?) would've been fine as well hehe

    Besides that I hope in the future to have much more elaborate events of course... Probably low on the todo list, but how cool would it have been to have a special boss in Frost Arena that would've played a "Harvester Reaper" deck?

    Maybe not specifically for this event, but in general I like how WoW changed their events to be more "You can be lucky and get item X from a random drop, but you can also get it by spending X amount of time doing a holiday activity and earn badges to exchange for that item". Nothing is as frustrating as hoping for RNG drop to get items.

    Another game that also had a really good Halloween event was Smite, so you might want to check that one out as well. (I like how they do RNG drops too; you can only get an item once and after that it's not on your loot table anymore).

    Anyway, all in all I was pretty happy with the event this year and look forward to the next one with maybe already some improvements!
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    Yep acquiring a slaughtergear set is a real "pita". Could be more balanced...

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    I gave it a 9/10. This was much better than the Convocation event.

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    9/10, great event, would not mind if all events where similar. Was actually Fun.

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    Was rewarded for enjoying the game. Participation prizes are very friendly and add no stress to the experience.

    +1 for hot green witch.

    Only thing really missing was a unique activity to do, but since Hex is still developing I understand it not being here this time round. Look forward to next year!

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    Great event, loved not having to win drafts to get cards.

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    I am loving it! This has allowed me to play at my own pace to get whatever I wanted. What I really appreciated was that the PVE card was only available from playin Arena (PVE)! This was huge and I hope to see this continue!

    Thanks also for including Gauntlets for the participation card. I play as many as I have time for (roughly 1/week ish). Throw in 2 drafts and I have a playset which is really cool.

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    Overall good job. This is a good way to handle a limited time event so that people don't log on and spend a reasonable amount of time and still not get the card they want. The fact that it's a limited time event will add some rarity to the cards, even those pretty freely given out, over time.

    That being said, the PvE reward might be a bit too easy to stockpile. I'd like to have seen a limit to the number you could get from playing arena per account or something. I like the fact that a single full arena run gets you a playset, but I'd like to have seen it stop there or maybe allow you to get 8 cards total or something. Now if you run an arena or two a day during the event you're going to be swimming in the card. And if you actively farm arena, you'll end up with a pretty ludicrous number of cards. Not sure of a way to limit this that doesn't feel punitive, though, so maybe this way is fine. Better too many given out than too few in my opinion for PvE stuff.

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    Too readily acquirable cards, no temporary gold bought AAs to drive the value of gold or rare NPC encounters in the arena... Not the best Hex Entertainment LLC has to offer. Still, given that they're so hard at work getting PVE ready, it's better than the holiday I expected (which revolved mostly around poking oneself in the eye with a stick, for some reason that one never catches on).

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    I'd be fine with this event if disenchanting was in at the same time, so going forward events like this are decent enough.

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