Your Display Name: Hyena

Bug Description: The Volcannon card will not be usable on the table. It cannot be double-left-clicked, it can be right-clicked, but it will not respond to your selecting one of its two powers. It essentially becomes dead on the table.

Steps to Reproduce: Unknown. Possible relationship with the invisible "Resolve" button bug.

Frequency: 1 in 10 games or so. I've had this happen 3 times.

Additional Information: This glitch seems to surround the more general problem of the "Resolve" and "Accept" and "End Game" buttons vanishing. In my memory, the Volcannon will generally stop working when that problem is also experienced.

I have noticed this glitch carries over to another game. So once Volcannon stops working, it won't work in the next game either. Additionally, restarting the client fixed it.