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Thread: Play Testing

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    Play Testing

    Hi all! Here is my first play testing video.

    I cut it down to 15min, just gives you a feel for it. Enjoy!

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    Some of the folks on the KS site wanted my paper files, so I put them on my icloud drive. It's under GB Stuff. : )

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    Added another page to icloud with more character tokens, will try and do saharing site tonight. Also added "mod card" Photoshop file so people can make custom GB's!

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    Good work, man

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    ok, here are the files including Wadey's cards, game cards, and tokens.

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    played the game a few hrs tonight with friends, just with standard ghosts.

    here are more pics:

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    I asked Mataio some questions on the f-book page after I did my test run.

    I asked Mataio/Sara some game play questions on Facebook after I did a paper test run. Her are my questions/Mataio's responses:

    Can you keep a stream on a ghost if it goes through a wall, but still in range?
    Does blocking terrain stop streams?
    M: Ghosts with a steam on it lose it when line of sight is broken. That includes walls.

    Do you get XP for closing a gate?
    M: When you close a Gate using streams (not all Gates are closed with combat), like a Ghost, you get 1 XP for each stream you had on it.

    Can you shoot a beam through a another player character?
    M: Other Ghostbusters and the ECTO-1 are not obstacles and do not block Los. You can shoot through them (past them, really)

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    I got some of the GNL mats from Kickstarter. I spent $75 for 30 tiles. They are so cool. They have magnets to stick together, stain proof, anti-skid bottoms, and you can get hex or squares. I can use them for Heroclix if they unlock the 1.25" squares. And, of course, I can use them for GB. : ) There's only 20 hrs left.
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    Doesn't look like you need the real thing :P

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