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Thread: ESL HEX Beta Cup Series NA October Monthly Finals Recap

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    ESL HEX Beta Cup Series NA October Monthly Finals Recap

    Hello all,

    I am pleased to present the October NA Monthly Finals Recap article for ESL's HEX Beta Cup Series.

    Included in the article are:
    • The monthly finals results
    • All October weekly cup results
    • An interview with the October NA champion
    • And more!


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    ^^^ needs fixing

    gratz Metronomy! well deserved. nice to see 6 EU players in top 8 of NA Monthly Cup
    IGN: Noise

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    Im happy with the interview but probably shouldnt be attributed to the Motivation^^

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    Grats Guildy - It was fun hearing your play-by-play, and seriously, we need to help you medicate before the fear of each W/R ramp top-deck possibility.

    PS - We actually weren't calling you a hipster, I think Warrender is calling me that, cause I keep making shizzy brews that don't work. Your deck is actually solid/makes sense. Apparently a hipster is anyone that doesn't play W/R ramp now?

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    yeah..the whole hipster reference became more than it actually was...basically i said the spiders deck is a hipster deck (its more a joke than anything else one way or another) cant fault me or purerange when some things got a bit mixed up since what was planed as 10-15 minutes ended in a 40 minutes interview (but hey...he is getting paid for this and I like to debate^^)

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    It was a good interview - Nice read. Just wanted to let you know to blame Warrender for the annoying reference.. The king of Dad jokes.

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