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Thread: I spy with my little eye: An easter egg!

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    I spy with my little eye: An easter egg!

    I would post images, but the image upload window always says "undefined" or "invalid file." Anyway, on the extended Art for Cavern Guard, look closely at the right hand side of the cavern wall. There is a "rock formation" that looks like an eye above a half concealed mustache, nose, and mouth.

    The face doesn't look exactly like the face pictured on Subterranean Spy, but it does unmistakably look like a face protruding from the cavern wall.

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    Looks more like dwarven text to me.

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    Eh. I don't think it's either, honestly. I can see what TUD is talking about, but this is a DWARVEN tunnel. No need to be spying on it, or tunneling through the side of the entrance for that matter. And there's no other "writing" if so, which makes it very out of place if that's what it is.
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