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Thread: A reason for specific equipment slots?

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    A reason for specific equipment slots?

    So I've been playing for a while, and I have all these lovely pieces of equipment. But I'm noticing absolutely no pattern to their abilities. It's not like boots specialize in speed (such as actually giving creatures speed or making them cheaper). And weapons don't necessarily add extra power (such as giving a larger attack or some other combat bonuses).

    Now I understand that trying to make 6 overall categories for different weapon abilities would be a waste of effort for minimal gain and would likely result in one category of item getting the lion's share of interesting abilities. My gripe with the system is that the system seems completely arbitrary with the slots getting assigned to the equipment randomly.

    Case in point:
    I was trying to make a Qutzul Gorecaster deck for the arena, but once I've chosen the cards, I realized that pretty much every card I chose for the deck wanted to utilize the glove slot and practically nothing else. (Qutzul Gorecaster, Kindling Skarn, Burn, and First Blood)

    I know that the developers intended to give players decisions in choosing which cards to buff, but this seems superfluous considering that you are already limited to 6 equipment slots. In addition, the equipment seems randomly assigned to different slots; it arbitrarily seems that some cards can be played in the same deck together with their equipment while others can't.

    So I put this to the community: What extra benefit does having these specialized six slots confer that wouldn't just be better served by using generalized equipment? Are there card and equipment combinations out there that would create degenerate situations if the two cards had equipment for different slots?

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    I'm not prepared to give specific examples, but I'm confident the choices of equipment slots are not arbitrary. Balance probably being a main factor, but also the simple need to provide choices. If you didn't have to choose between various advantages and could just have exactly what you want all the time, then the entire point of designing a set of equipment vanishes. You would just collect all the equipment for your cards and throw on all the best stuff without a thought.

    I would argue that forcing choices between strong bonuses by having mutually exclusive gear protects the entire equipment decision from being superfluous. If you can just equip the best stuff all the time without thought, than that makes the entire equipment system superfluous because you don't need to collect- once you had the best items every single other piece of equipment would be unnecessary because you already have more than enough.

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    This bugs me too.
    Makes it harder to build cool things and combo interesting things together.
    The only good way I see to fix this is to make alternate forms of equipment.
    For example the gloves for burn could also spawn as Boots. (but you can only equip Either the Boots or the Gloves, not both)

    That might give players a good reason to want multiples of equipment, and maybe raise the demand for various parts.

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    For the most part, equipment overlaps don't bother me as much. I tend to just pick the one I think is more important for the deck.

    That being said, overlaps prevent the power of a witch-artifact based deck, which bothers me. Kismet's Reverie's chestpiece alongside Gobbleglade Witch's chestpiece would be great.
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    The way it is currently requires you to make choices. If I understand correctly the OP wants it so you can just equip any 6 equipment. The cases where there are two really powerful equipment for the same slot but you can only use one would be gone...

    TBH I'm not sure which of the two methods would be more interesting, but I also don't think it needs changing.
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    I'm in favor of conflicting choices, for sure. I'd be very interested in hearing the mentality behind deciding what slot a piece of gear occupies in general cases. I think that the ability to balance by making some synergistic pieces exclusive with each other is really neat (and also very hard to utilize; there are a lot of pieces to keep in mind here), but overall, it'd be neat to hear guidelines like, "Weapons have a stronger power level," or "Trinkets have unusual alterations to cards rather than numerical adjustments." I've been trying to detect a pattern overall, but haven't picked up on anything yet.
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    I definitely agree that it forces you to make choices for particular slots, but the implementation seems so haphazard with different abilities slotted to different body parts. Some decks become easy to equip because there is no conflict, while other entire deck archetypes are fizzled due to their equipment wanting to occupy the same slot.

    I understand making choices is part of what makes a deck builder fun and interesting, but specific equipment slots seems to only restrict options for no good reason. If you could choose any six items, you still have choices to make:
    • Do you spread the equipment to six different cards? Do you instead make 3 cards super amazing?
    • You are only allowed six, so there will still be the matter of which cards get an upgrade.

    In response to the power level concern by just choosing 6 legendary equips, then maybe consider something like a "weight" factor. Your champion has a weight limit, and more powerful equipment is heavier. As such, you can now bring whatever equipment you want, as long as the equipment is less than your weight limit (or maybe have a penalty to starting life or hand size if above weight limit). And if there are ever two specific pieces that create degenerate combos, those two pieces can "resonate" and become heavier if they are both equipped.

    Right now, the system isn't bad (to be honest, it's pretty cool being able to selectively power up different cards), but the random assignment of equipment abilities restricts deck building choices for little apparent reason beyond "it forces choice".

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    Quote Originally Posted by facade View Post
    Right now, the system isn't bad (to be honest, it's pretty cool being able to selectively power up different cards), but the random assignment of equipment abilities restricts deck building choices for little apparent reason beyond "it forces choice".
    Yup. I don't want them to blow it wide open, but it would be nice to have just a little bit more freedom and flexibility with what we've got.

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    The suggestion that all power increases are weapons would be much more restrictive. It'd be pretty crap if you could only upgrade one card with something that would fit under 'weapon'. It may be that the abilities don't make sense in their respective slots but they're balanced with other cards they expected to be in the same deck, or they have some other way of determining what effects should be in what slots. No matter how it is done the point is to limit the power of decks in pve. To make you have to make choices to get the best results. The system we have seems fine to me.
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    I do see why it's there and I'm happy with the current system, but I wish they'd have a seventh universal slot where you could stick a second glove or second trinket etc.

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