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Thread: Design a Card: Challenge & Giveaway

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    Weakened Magic
    Cost 3: blood.pngblood.png
    Any troop that is summoned in other way than by using resources gets -x/-y, where x is half of its attack rounded down, y is half of its health rounded down.
    "I swear, this is the first time this happened to me." -- Master Summoner.

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    Coinflip Generation Device - 3 cost

    When ability would target a player, it targets random player instead.

    "Heads or Tails, You or Me?"

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    Insanity Whispers
    Constant- Chaostouched
    Whenever an "enter into play" effect is put on stack, interrupt it and bury the top two cards of its champion's deck.

    "The Chaostouched's whispers can break even the strongest of minds and drive them towards madness."

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    Mine Field
    Whenever a troop enters play under opponent's control, that player loses 0/1.

    "Watch your step! Something seems wrong here..."
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    The Knights Who Say No!
    Troop - cost 2 ()

    Opposing champions can not copy spells or abilities.
    Opposing champions socketed cards lose all socketed abilities, in all zones.
    If an opposing champion casts a Plant spell this troop loses all abilities until the end of turn.


    "We want... a shrubbery!"

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    Finger on the Scales - Uncommon - (2)
    Basic Action
    Look at the top three cards of target opponent's deck. Choose one and discard it; shuffle the rest back into that opponent's deck.
    That opponent looks at the top three cards of your deck. He chooses one to add to your hand; shuffle the rest back into your deck.

    "People speak of the fairness of Adamanth. But even such morals may be stretched in times like these."

    Extra Heavy Thumb - Gloves - Rare
    Your [Finger on the Scales] gets: "If the card that opponent chose is a resource, play it. Otherwise that card gets cost -1."

    Lightning Hexagram - Rare - (1)
    Whenever you are dealt damage outside of combat, put one Amp counter on this for every four points of damage (rounded up).
    (1) [Pay 1 Charge] [Quick]: Do X damage to target troop or champion, where X is the number of Amp counters on this card.

    Spark Transference Helm - Rare - Head
    Your [Lightning Hexagrams] instead have: "where X is the number of Amp counters in play."

    Lodestone Boots - Uncommon - Feet
    Your [Lightning Hexagrams] instead have: "put one Amp counter on this for every three points of damage (rounded up)."

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    Alcatraz (3)
    Artefact Unique
    If a troop with a cost of 5 or more must come in to play, void it instead.

    Vampire nanny B(2)
    Vol, lifelink
    When vampire nanny deal damage to an opponent reveal a random card, if it's a troop trasforme in to a digler vampire (digler vampire blood/saphire card troop 0/1 lifelink)

    Peace princesse D (2)
    Troop with power =>5 can't deal damage
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    Incubation Pod (3)
    Vennen Quick Action

    A random troop with cost 5+ in opponents deck gets "When this comes into play put 3 Spiderlings into play also"
    Grand King......maybe more

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    Royal Family Affair
    If targeted Player has 2 or more Royals in hand or play void 2 of those for 5 turns.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thepsis View Post
    Royal Family Affair
    If targeted Player has 2 or more Royals in hand or play void 2 of those for 5 turns.

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