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Thread: Two questions about RULES

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    Question 3 questions about RULES

    I'm a player from China. I have played HEX for about 6 months. 3 questions worry me a lot.

    Question 1:
    Who wins when both players die at the same time? Or a troop inspired by Cerulean Mentalist hit opponent to death, but his library is empty?

    Question 2:
    I suppose that, Unlike MTG, all Triggered Abilities without "TARGET” is sometime like Static abilities, Player cannot do something before it reslove. Am I right ?

    Question 3:

    A troop inspired by Cerulean Mentalist and Benjamin hit the opponent, Darw first or choose first ? If Benjamin is inspired by Cerulean Mentalist ,which first ? By the order entering the battlegroud ?
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    Are there a offical or inofficial list that includes all/some difference between HEX and MTG ?

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    We've been asking for a rules document for a very long time and do not have one yet.

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    I think I can speculate on these answers, though testing them would make them sure,

    1.) It is impossible for a draw to occur in Hex because all events happen in a chronological chain, nothing happens simultaneously.

    2.) Yes, you are correct. Passive effects do not create a priority window- for example, a card like Inferno cannot be stopped by Immortality because you will not have a chance to play the card before the damage hits and you lose.

    3.) This one is more speculation, but if we follow the logic of chronological chains- then the Inspire effects from the troops played last should trigger first, as the chain always works backwards in time on everything else - the latest played card, or the left-most card on your board, is the one that triggers first in any case of simultaneous event. For example, when two Brutal Commanders hit an enemy champion, the most recently played one is the one that triggers first.

    However, this final answer is speculation.

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    Last we heard effects that happen at the same time should happen in random order. But damage/lifdrain isn't an effect so it should happen first. So in Q1 damage should win and Q3 rng should decide.

    As for Q2: I believe that to be mostly true. But I bet there are exceptions.

    But as Yoss said we don't have any rules to compare to.

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