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Thread: Sub-Bug: Improper Replica Bug: Dopplegadget -> Pterobot

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    Sub-Bug: Improper Replica Bug: Dopplegadget -> Pterobot

    Your Display Name: Hyena

    Bug Description: When a Dopplegadget copies a Pterobot, and then gets bounced into the hand- the cost reduction feature from having robots or dwarves in play does not work. It will be a cost 7 Pterobot regardless.

    Steps to Reproduce: Use a Dopplegadget to mimic a Pterobot, and have the opponent bounce the card into your hand.

    Frequency: Unknown. Likely whenever this situation occurs.

    Additional Information: None.

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    Interesting, this seems to be happening with any card that transforms into a Pterobot.

    Thanks for your report, Hyena. We are now tracking this issue.

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