Hey guys, I play since some time now and I think those 2 features would be really useful :

- Create a message box for messages, and an other for AH actions, in order to be able to delete one or the other quickly

- A lot of player send their cod without a message and title. When a message that have an attachment, a COD and no title/message is sent, automatically add as many informations as possible in the message's title, and if there is not enough space, put the rest in the message. For example, if someone COD me a baby yeti for 2000 gold, the title could be "Baby Yeti for 2k gold". If he COD me a baby yeti and a vampire king for 3k gold and 2150 plat, the title could be "Baby Yeti+Vampire King - 2k g 2150p"

What do you think ? Would it be worth the dev time ?