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Thread: request: a way to automatically target & resolve triggers

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    request: a way to automatically target & resolve triggers

    I was playing in the arena with war machinst + replicator's gambit + war machinist equipment
    if there are any enemy troops, it comes into play with something like 50 triggers (even more if there are already war machinists in play) that need to be targeted manually and then resolved manually

    similar things happen when burying a bunch of terrorantula eggs. one time it even froze the game when i tried to resolve them too quickly (spamming mouse clicks + spacebar)

    it would be a nice feature to have a UI option to let a group of triggers pick random targets and resolve automatically

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    That actually seems fine like f12 forego all optional targets and randomly / picking the same as the latest all other targets.
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    I've never tested this, but as you encounter this issue, you might give this a shot. Instead of using space bar or fast keys to tell the computer the pass priority(s) you can click the priority wheel to tell it to go to a specific phase. Have you tried clicking the next phase on the wheel, to see if it will accomplish what you want? Again, no idea if this will work, as I my self have not tried tinkering with this setup, and have been struggling to find time to play.
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    F10 doesn't work so I doubt that clicking the wheel would.

    Storm of the Century needs something similar to let you trigger man/all the counters, (until all enemy troops are dead might be a useful intermediate step) but a number input or scroll bar for how many you want to trigger might do that better
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