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Thread: A travesty

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    A travesty

    Please, Devs, explain to me why Princess Cory is not rocking Princess Cory deck sleeves.

    Go on. I know you have no excuse. Uruunaz uses HIS own sleeves, and yet despite there being TWO different sleeves that would befit the princess of fun, I have yet to see her use either of them. I cannot believe I have seen no other objections to this. I can't believe it took ME so long to object. This is an OUTRAGE. Do you plan on fixing this any time soon?!
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    I'm outraged in your tardiness for this poutrage(originally a typo, but poutrages sound awesome so I'm keeping that)
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    +1 for poutrage

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    I am in total agreement!!
    It's an outrage!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cory_Jones View Post
    I am in total agreement!!
    It's an outrage!
    You should be selecting sleeves before every match then! It's ALL ON YOU! :P
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    Clearly Cory-AI has just too hard a choice to make between the two Cory sleeves - I know I do, and I'm not an AI!

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    Quote Originally Posted by KingGabriel View Post
    Clearly Cory-AI has just too hard a choice to make between the two Cory sleeves - I know I do, and I'm not an AI!
    Don't you remember the news update back in April? The Cory AI is bugged and Cory has been having to personally play all of the Princess Cory games. Judging how that hasn't been announced in the patch notes I'm guessing Cory is still suffering from sleep deprivation. He ain't got time to choose sleeves too!

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    I can think of few better accidental portmanteaus than "poutrage". That brilliantly sums up about 85% of the non-cat internet. Well done!
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    Burn all the things!
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