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Thread: SantaHex Wants Your Help. (Hex Secret Santa Program)

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    Don't expect to be able to watch but I've sent a contribution
    Currently Most Wanted HEX development: AH overhaul

    Our CzE Recruitment Thread:

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    Nearly forgot to send in my contribution! Taken care of now, hip hip horay!
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    So far we've had a total of 117 entries! YAH! We've smashed last year's record and collected tons of gifts!

    Over 170 Mercenaries!
    Over 400 packs including Primals and Convocation!
    Over 260 pieces of equipment!
    Over 200 Rares!
    Over 50 Legendaries including Phenteo, Angel of Dawn, and more!
    Nearly 400 Promo cards ranging from Baby Yeti AAs to Legendaries!
    Over 500,000 gold!!!

    SantaHex is going to busy and cannot wait to hand out all the goodies to all the generous boys and girls of Entrath!

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    Wow, so glad to hear that so many are also in the giving spirit! Tuesday happens to also be my 47th birthday, so i will be in the stream and celebrating even more so!

    Cheers and Happy Holidays to all!

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    I cant wait to see what people get and hope to have some fun with the stream

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    woo! 11:40 pm, I cut that a little close O_o. But Gift sent!

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    Matt - what was the final count?
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    Is there any confirmation being sent to participants?

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    Quote Originally Posted by bleeding_warrior View Post
    Is there any confirmation being sent to participants?
    I usually sent out a confirmation but didn't on Sunday night when I received 50+ entries. If you're worried about it, send me a PM with your IGN and I will confirm if I have your entry.

    Quote Originally Posted by hex_colin View Post
    Matt - what was the final count?

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