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Thread: SantaHex Wants Your Help. (Hex Secret Santa Program)

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    SantaHex Wants Your Help. (Hex Secret Santa Program)

    Hello all! SantaHex is back and he's looking for participants in the Hex Secret Santa program.

    For those that are new to Hex and missed out last year let me give a recap. Last year we had nearly 80 participants.

    Unfortunately, several people signed up and received gifts but never sent their gifts. This year, I'm changing up the process.

    If you would like to participate, you will need to send your gift, in game, to SantaHex by Sunday, December 20, at 11:59 PM CST. Once SantaHex receives your gift, you will be added to the "Nice List". Everyone on the "Nice List" will receive one of the gifts received. Some will receive a bonus from SantaHex.

    Edit: Some have asked if there is a minimum/maximum. I do not want to limit how much someone wants to give but will ask everyone contribute at least 700 platinum worth.

    If you know someone in the community who has been especially helpful, please let SantaHex know via mail in game. He will add that person to the "Extra Nice List" and make sure they receive something from SantaHex.

    SantaHex will be live streaming on December 22 at 9 PM CST:

    Like last year,, he will be in his outfit giving out cards, packs, codes, sleeves, platinum, and more! Make sure you stop by for all the fun and joy this time of season brings to all the good little girls and boys.

    Matt aka SantaHex
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    Remember that time I sent you a thousand cards to give away, because I thought it would be hilarious. Good times.
    HexEnt is too long to type, They're HXE now.
    I am currently trading my unused GK code for a new Tesla Model S P85D
    Feel free to contact me for where you can have it shipped.

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    Ohh this sounds like fun , count me in!

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    I'm in, just like last year!

    Hex Price - For all your price information!

    Hex Rock League - Join the free to play Hex Rock League now!

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    Really liked the event last year, I will also join in again. Thank you for organizing it again.

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    Of course im in on this again

    Ign manticore

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    Welp I just accidentally necro'd the other thread

    Ironic, given what I sent.

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    Sounds good Matt

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    Everyone just make sure you mail your gift to SantaHex in game and you will be signed up.

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