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    Quote Originally Posted by MattMurdock View Post
    I missed the kickstarter by about 2 days, so I bought a retail copy, then bought a MH copy off ebay when I was disappointed with the limited contents of the base game.
    I am for the majority of the content to be released (even after I have just bought them) for the main reason that the base game feels like the guts have been torn out of it without the content. Ghostbusters is very different to Zombicide in that much of the kickstarter content is iconic from the movies or the cartoons (Gozer, the terror dogs, Boogieman, Peck, the Sedgewick, the librarian). When the Ghostbusters IP is involved, people expect to see those characters, it's like Zombicide saying "here is a base game about Zombie survival, but you only get 3 obscure Zombies in the game, you have to have kickstarted to get the pack of 30 iconic zombies". This means that I sadly don't think the game will sell very well at retail, particularly not at the prices I have seen my local retailers asking for it (Down here in NZ). If that limits the likelyhood of a sequel or expansion, then thats bad for all of us. Having players able to purchase most of the expanded content eventually doesn't greatly hurt anyone who has the exclusive items enjoyment of the game (unless you are hording to scalp on ebay) and will sell more copies as players will look to expand later.

    I think that whomever was responsibly for the kickstarter messed up badly on the exclusivity decision (and I think Cryptozoic knows that - it would have been far better to put a 1 year exclusivity on most of those items) and it would suck if that continued to have a negative impact on future sales and development of product.
    This. just all of this.

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    Agreed, inferno

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    Quote Originally Posted by Skyknight View Post
    They had two different versions of the character cards on Kickstarter. The first and a newer "final" version. The first was the one on the main campaign page, the finals can be found here:
    Oh man I can't believe I missed that. I was looking all over for them too, would have been handy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Infernodragon1 View Post
    it's not a matter of "oh I missed out on the kickstarter but I really want those figures." it's a matter of cryptozoic marking some of the most iconic characters of the franchise (Gozer, the terror dogs, Walter Peck, etc.) as exclusives and then making this promise that they would NEVER BE MADE AVAILABLE AT RETAIL. initially the stretch goals in the photo were not marked as exclusives to kickstarter backers when the campaign first went live. then somewhere near the end that changed.

    I don't mind the idea of kickstarter exclusive items, if you're paying that much to back a project you should get a little bonus that only others that back the project would get, that's not the issue here. my issue is that the stretch goals, which are supposed to be the cool features and bonuses that get added to the final product at retail, got the "KICKSTARTER EXCLUSIVE!!!11!" stamp slapped on them and were locked out of the retail release as a result!
    I was following the campaign pretty much since the beginning, and I never saw Cryptozoic communicate that any of the stretch goals would be retail. As those goals were unlocked, they were marked as Kickstarter exclusive, which was always my impression. Do you have screen shots showing something different?

    I think the best solution is an expansion pack for Gozer and the dogs- new sculpts, new tiles, and new cards with new abilities. If it's economically viable, of course. I do think the base game is very expensive at retail brick and mortar stores, but it can be gotten online for around $60 shipped.

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    Being our first Kickstarter, and doing a bit of learning on the go, we made promises that may or may not have been the best course of action. If we were all about money, we would have gone back on that promise and released the figs at retail. The sticky situation involves the fact that backers demanded that figs be exclusive, regardless of color, sculpt, etc. We obliged. This campaign grew bigger and quicker than many of us had anticipated.

    That being said, we're...working on stuff. Yup. Super specific. What stuff you might ask? Good question...
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    Quote Originally Posted by sara.miguel View Post
    we're...working on stuff.
    What a terrific, terrible tease!

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    This game has so much replay value- what with subbing Flushes, Taxi Drivers, or any number of Impossible Mode Ghosts, I suspect I won't be tired of it when the next Kickstarter campaign begins!

    FYI @ Sara- Headmistress Ellen Gold from the Wander Hills Orphanage (IDW comic, vol 1 trade paperback) would be a great addition. Tossing orphan ghosts around and whatnot...

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    Quote Originally Posted by sara.miguel View Post
    The sticky situation involves the fact that backers demanded that figs be exclusive, regardless of color, sculpt, etc. We obliged.
    I think that was where you promised a bit too much!
    New sculpts could have been done and still preserved the exclusive status of the originals!
    But you could still do cardboard proxies with plastic standing feet. Not the same and not as fun as figures but at least it would allow everyone to play the full game even without the actual figs at retail.
    On another note, the additional gameboard tiles(or variations of them) should be rereleased in an expansion! I think the game will become a bit boring if there are only street and park tiles. It would have been better to have some variation already included with the base game, but a cheap tileset expansion should also do.

    You do only have that much replay value with the MH. The retail base game doesn't even have half of that. I must know, because I have both and the retail feels like missing 55% of the game!
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    How many backers would have to say re-sculpts are okay before CZE feels comfortable releasing re-sculpts?

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    Yes, however I also have 2 sets of all tiles- base game, sedgewick, library, shandor. So I may have a different outlook on that.

    I think the game mechanics are strong enough that if you do get only the base game, that you are going to look at getting more tiles anyway.

    Small expansions with a new boss, and 5 extra class 1 or 2 ghosts and 4 tiles for $25ish seems like a solid plan to keep longevity in the game.

    Like- (1) Ellen Gold boss, (5) Class 1 orphan ghosts, and (4) double sided Wander Hills Orphanage tiles... just sayin' ;-)

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