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    I would say that Line of Sight trumps, and as he never left 3 square range, you get to keep the stream.

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    I have a question from Scenario 4 of the Sedgewick Scramble campaign. In order to win you have to summon and defeat Big Boogaloo. On the Big Boogaloo card it says that "When two Boogaloo Manifestations occupy the same space, remove both from the scenario and place Big Boogaloo (from outside the scenario) into that space." The Special in the scenario states, "Closing the last Open Gate moves all ghosts on the map to the Spirit World, except for (Big) Boogaloo"

    My question is this: Is getting two Boogaloo Manifestations to meet the ONLY way to summon Big Boogaloo? Or does he emerge if you close all the gates? If he emerges when you close the gates, does he emerge from the last gate closed? The Special does not state that he emerges when all gates are closed...


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    We had been playing that if you closed all the gates, and he had not been summoned, you lose.

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    I know this is a dumb question, but i don't understand Venkman's second ability and how to use it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by coolredrooster View Post
    I know this is a dumb question, but i don't understand Venkman's second ability and how to use it.
    From game #1? [edited] This is a mandatory ability that only works during Venkman's turn. So it typically happens when he shoots an Entity and that Entity causes a Sliming. If a GB adjacent to Venkman gets Slimed during Venkman's turn, Venkman and that GB swap spaces, and that other GB does not get Slimed. Note that Venkman could become Slimed twice during the same event when using this ability.
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    Matt I think he means Venkman's Updated 2nd ability Which is "Once during Your turn if an adjacent Ghostbuster would get slimed , swap spaces with that ghostbuster and you get slimed instead." This ability is not optional meaning you don't get to decide weather or not your want to switch spaces with the adjacent Ghostbuster it is mandatory that you do. you can also get an XP point from Venkmans first ability when his second ability is completed.

    The second ability your talking about Matt I don't believe was in the final print of the game and was changed for whatever reason to the ability I just posted. Not sure if what you meant by the first game was being the unreleased test copy that was used before it was officially released to the public. If that's what you meant you are correct, but that ability as we know was not in the final product.

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    Thanks for the Edit Matt That's the correct ability coolredrooster was talking about.

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