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    Quote Originally Posted by happyjew View Post
    I might have missed this. Does Peck randomly show up or do you just decide to start with him on the board?
    Your decision. He can drop into pretty much any scenario to bump the difficulty up a bit, as far as I know theres no specific rules or scenarios specifically asking for him or determining if he shows or not.

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    It might be fun to create one for him.

    Maybe he gets possessed?

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    Quote Originally Posted by happyjew View Post
    The ghost moves the distance specified. If this were to bring the ghost through the ghostbuster (or on the ghostbuster), the ghostbuster gets slimed.
    This mean if a ghost stopped adjacent to a Ghostbuster who is unable to move this turn/round and this ghost have to move toward the nearest Ghostbusters every turn/round, instead of stop moving since it's already next to the Ghostbusters, it will still move & slime every turn/round?

    Quote Originally Posted by happyjew View Post
    They pass through ghosts and gates, however, if a Galloping Ghoul/Gruesome Twosome/Boogaloo Manifestation ends on the same square as another of its kind, it gets upgraded.
    So a ghost have to move 1 space toward a target every turn/round and if 2 paths are the same distance toward that target, the ghost should choose the one with open gate/ghost since by passing through it can move 2 space instead of 1?

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    Not quite. If there are two equal length paths, ghosts will choose the one with least resistance.

    For example.

    [G][ ][G]
    [S][ ][ ]
    [ ][ ][ ]
    [ ][B][ ]

    In the above scenario, both ghostbusters (G) are equal distance from the Boogaloo (B). However, Slime (S) is blocking one of the ghostbusters. As such, the Boogaloo would move towards the right ghostbuster.

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    Question from the Facebook page.

    If a Zombie Taxi Driver is in the Ecto 1, and you roll (for example) a 3 for movement, how does it move, since the Ecto-1 cannot move diagonally?

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    I guess you would right angle up to the "3" position (turn right a space, then turn left)

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    @Mataio we played the Retail Scenario today. We drove the Ecto-1 through the portal to the other side, since it didn't say that you couldn't. Can the Ecto-1 be driven through the portals?

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    Finally got my copy and able to play. Got a few questions:

    1) When a Chaos Surge is rolled and the ghosts refer to the closest ghostbuster and two are equidistant, which one do you use? (We used the Proton die to determine randomly.)

    2) When in scenario 4 of the slimer campaign - slimer moves along the track - when someone misses him, does he move as per his Miss on his card (2 in a random direction)? or does he move as per the 'end of turn' movement? Or not at all? (We played it where he moved 2 randomly ... which felt very erratic, but very like Slimer we all felt. We had a merry chase around the board.)

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    Haven't done the Slimer yet, but you can roll randomly if there is a tie between closest GB for a ghost.

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    Brad, I love your idea of driving through them....

    As for Slimer, I still can't beat S4.

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