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Thread: Painting

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    These are all great, Brad!

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    Thanks! I may do a little touch up on the GB's. I got them done in record time.

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    Havn't posted anything here in a while, so here are a load more of my painted minis.

    I just have the Boogaloo to finish and i've painted everything

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    And some more, including my proxy Sandman (as I didn't get mass hysteria), and my Louis Tulley & Dana Barrett

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    I really like the crystals esp for Ildulnas!

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    Quote Originally Posted by BradBosshart View Post
    I really like the crystals esp for Ildulnas!
    Thanks Brad.

    I love all the work you've done on custom things for this game. The firehouse tiles especially. And your grey lady was fantastic

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    Thanks! I just posted the firehouse tiles. Benito did them and they are amazing!

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    Just started painting my set up as well. First one done was the Boogieman. I left the base plain because I'm lazy but let me know what you guys think of the rest! More to come as they are finished.

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    wow you even got his finger nails!

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    Following up with the second finished figure, the Galloping Ghoul...

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