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    Finally played the game!

    I loved it! The game was fast paced, we didn't waste a lot of time on general upkeep between rounds, the rules were simple and offered plenty of room for strategy.

    I look forward to playing it again, but I'm going to be using the Rookie instead of Alexander next time. I'm not really sure how you can fully utilize him; he fets bonuses for fighting adjacent ghosts but those bonuses really don't seem to outweigh the fact that whenever you fight an adjacent ghost, the outcome is more often than not going to result in you getting slimed, since a hit generally causes the ghost to move towards you, trapping generally slimes adjacent squares, and misses cause them to move, either towards you directly or with a random chance to.

    If he could use his level two free attack while also removing slime from himself in one turn it'd help, but that's evidently not the case. Anyone have any ideas on his best use?

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    Hi Xavious,

    I like to be selfish when playing as Alexander, just as he is in the comics! I try to position him so he can steal, I mean assist, a Ghost that already has Streams on it from another player. Sure, he sets himself up for risky shots, but the payoff is more XP! Plus, he needs to ask other players to clean him up, while he does "the real work"!

    Mataio Wilson
    Lead Design, Ghostbusters: The Board Game

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    Ok, I see what you're saying here. He does seem like he'd lend himself better towards finishing ghosts, but the way you're describing it, Rookie would do even better in such a situation without even putting himself at any extra risk. To be honest, Rookie's abilities thematically fit Alexander pretty well. Bonus XP for stealing someone's ghost (taking all the credit for himself), borrowing another's ability (like he "borrowed" the proton pack schematics), and getting another attack by stealing someone else's ghost? Fits Alexander pretty well. Don't get me wrong, I think it fits Rookie too, for different reasons (learns from veteran 'busters, has an extremely versatile upgraded pack, great assistant), but what you're describing for Alexander's play style, he's not the best fit for it.

    My biggest problem is with his level 2 ability. Its kind of a paradox, let me give you an example by what I mean.

    Say you have a Gruesome Twosome two squares away from Alexander (at level 2, both actions available). He takes a combat action and hits the ghost, bringing it adjacent to him. Now what does he do? He can take his 2nd regular action, saving his free combat as a backup in case he misses, or he can take his free combat against it hoping he hits and can move away afterwards.

    There is no obvious, beneficial choice here when most other characters have a pretty obvious bonus whenever they can use their level 2 ability. If he takes his regular action and hits the ghost, his bonus action is forfeit because he no longer is adjacent to a ghost, if he misses he's slimed but the free action does somewhat help ease the pain a bit for this turn.

    If he takes the free action and hits (and the hit doesn't result in slime), good deal, he's able to get three actions out of his turn. If he misses, he gets slimed and can't take his second action.

    There's only one choice here that has a chance of a favorable outcome and it still relies on that hit landing and not resulting in him being slimed for it to even turn out beneficial, and I can't think of a lot of scenarios where he can use his level 2 ability where that wouldn't be the case.

    It seems to me his only incentive to attacking adjacent ghosts before level 4 is that he gets bonus XP, assuming he traps it. He's getting slimed if its a hit that doesn't trap, unless its a class 1 in which case he's slimed on a hit. I think he'd be in a better spot if his level 2 gave him a chance to add a second stream to an adjacent ghost he hit, this would make him better at finishing ghosts and its less conditional for him to come out ahead when fighting an adjacent ghost (risking a slime for 2 streams or outright skipping a To Hit effect by trapping Class 2's seems a lot more favorable than just +1 xp).

    Ray's level 2 ability would let him deal with the adjacent ghost without worrying about being stuck with slime, Kylie's would let you ignore the downsides of a miss, Egon has a much better chance of not missing such a risky shot, Peter would gain XP on a miss (and in almost any outcome of an adjacent combat against ghosts, for that matter). Alexander's level two gives him a chance for a free combat against an adjacent ghost, but he doesn't have any way to reduce the inherent risk, and the payoff is just isn't there.

    I do enjoy your insight in this though, and I don't mean to be overly critical, just sort of unhappy about how Alexander plays. He seems to have a pretty unique role, but I think a bunch of other characters can fill it better than him.
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    Hi Xavious,

    Thanks for the well written reply.

    I can see the trouble you've encountered with Alexander's Level 2 ability when taking on Class 2 or higher Ghosts. While the risk/reward is there, I can understand that it also may not feel like a choice is present when one is much better than the other, or when failing offers no recourse.

    We found that giving Alexander a free Stream when hitting an adjacent did not pay off when fighting a Galloping Ghoul, or finishing off a Ghost with the last Stream. Plus, it felt more like a Level 4 ability, and we wanted to save that to give him some mobility even when Slimed.

    Comprising the group roles, Alexander was designed for taking on more than other Ghostbusters could handle, by putting himself between multiple Ghosts. When he has more than one adjacent target he can get completely slimed and still take on the other Ghost.

    I hope this gives some insight into the design process and intent of the character build. Please keep your comments coming.

    Mataio Wilson
    Lead Design, Ghostbusters: The Board Game

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