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Thread: Account Frozen need help

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    Account Frozen need help

    I recently had my account deactivated. Through posting on the support site I found it was through Gameforge billing and not Hex. I contacted them but I am unsure of what to do after getting their initial reply. The reply is as follows:


    After checking your concerns we were able to determine that you still have a back posting with PayPal.

    Please balance this back posting with PayPal. Your account will automatically be unlocked then.

    Kind regards from Karlsruhe,

    Patrick Krause
    Gameforge Billing-Support

    I checked my paypal after this and saw where they tried to and did take out $8.00 for VIP membership. I then have a refund from them 7 days later. The same day my account was deactivated. I have no way of getting them the money since I can't get to VIP except under my own account. I'm also locked out of because my account is frozen. I have asked them but did not get a response. Paypal was unhelpful as they cannot post a payment on a users behalf and they cannot just return the refund.

    Has anyone else had this problem, if so how did you resolve it. I'm not trying to blame Gameforge or anyone else for that matter, I'm just trying to get back into my account.

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    Send a PM to Phenteo on the forums here.

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    I did that earlier today. Thank you for the advice still!

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    FYI, it's against the terms of service to post publicly about private account problems. Phenteo will help you via your PM when he sees your message (note that it may take a couple of days since it's the holidays right now), just be patient and don't post publicly about it again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Heavy369 View Post
    I did that earlier today. Thank you for the advice still!
    It's a holiday! I'm sure he'll respond in appropriate time. As to follow-up on what Ossuary just stated, I'm closing this thread.

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